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Global Address Validation Services To Boost Conversions

Address validation tools with easy integration to ensure your address data accuracy at the point of entry. Enrich your data today and stay as up-to-date as possible.



Our industry-leading validation services are designed to ensure your organisation can accurately validate customer addresses and allow you to make empowered business decisions. Easily integrating with web forms, online checkout and CRM systems, you can improve your customer’s experience and benefit from more returning customers.


UK Validation

Powered by the Royal Mail Postcode Address File, gain access to over 30 million postal addresses and benefit from accurate address verification, enhanced business efficiency and customer insight.


E-commerce Integrations

Our E-commerce lookup plug-ins seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce and WordPress, so you can improve the customer experience and make your check-out as easy as possible.


International Verification

Capture and verify global data from 242 countries around the world and benefit from improved accuracy, data input speed and website conversions.


Enrich Your data

Enhance your business analysis with access to PAF, Multiple Residence, International, Eircode, Ordnance Survey, Companies House and ONS datasets. Benefit from informed engagements targeted marketing and relationship building.


CRM Integration

Wide CRM integrations across Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM and Salesforce, so you can maintain customer data with accurate address information.


In-house Developers

Designed by our in-house expert developers, we can create a bespoke address validation service that works for you.


You can validate addresses in three ways with Hopewiser



Maintenance Free Address Validation. Updated daily, gain access to UK PAF, Multiple Residence, Eircode and International data.

Free access to easy CRM integrations, Rest API and Javascript client.

Management tool with free detailed usage reports and auto-renew.

Simple, fast and accurate online data cleansing tool.

Secure-by-design. Guaranteed secure data transfer and storage.



No limitations. Benefit from multiple lookups and cleanses without being punished for usage.

Cost-effective for large users.

Bespoke. Tailor the software to benefit your user experience.

Ideal for Sensitive Data and Compliance. Data on site.

Works On Many Platforms. Includes a Developer’s Kit.


Professional Services

Access to data consultants, product specialists, data project management and integration specialists.

Knowledge to assist/run projects to make the most of your data and help you integrate solutions for you.

Bespoke service for more complex requirements including consolidation. (Single Source of Truth).

Identify data problems and find an easy solution.

Accuracy: Our rules-based solutions and services intelligently assess and match each address – that’s why our accuracy is trusted by High Street Banks, Police Forces, and commercial organisations of all sizes.
Support: Support is backed by the specialists that have written much of the software in-house. This means you get access to their expertise and problem-solving capabilities.
Knowledge: We created the first address data software in 1982 and the sheer amount of data we have processed in that time sets us apart from everyone else in the market. So if we do things a little differently from others, it might be because we have information that they don’t.

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About Address Validation

What is Address Validation Software?

Address validation is the process of verifying accurate postal addresses so deliveries are made to the correct location. This involves checking it against multiple address databases and making necessary corrections where needed.

Why is Address Validation Important?

Address validation benefits both the customer experience and business efficiency.

By implementing an address validation tool on your website, you can make in-line forms and check-out pages a much simpler process for the customer; instead of filling out every line of the address, they can instead enter the postcode and select the corresponding house number. This will improve the customer’s experience and allow them to complete their purchase in seconds.

This also enhances business efficiency; by allowing customers to confidently check out in seconds, the number of abandoned carts at checkout will significantly reduce, as well as reduce invalid addresses, ensuring 100% address accuracy for the best delivery experience possible.

By removing bad addresses, the amount of returned packages and bounced-back letters will also decrease, meaning you’ll save any additional costs relating to packaging and lost customers.

By having an in-depth & verified depth customer address database,  you’ll be able to segment your customers into specific target markets and marketing campaigns with a much higher success rate.

Where do we get our address data from?

We utilise Royal Mail PAF data containing more than 30 million postal addresses and 1.8 million postcodes. Outputs can be broken down into:

  • Street/postcode level dataset and flat file
  • GIS Table relating unit postcode to 100m OS grid references Locality, Town and Street gazetteers
  • Postcode validation tables
  • Postcode-related data such as administrative area, District and Ward codes
  • Formatted Address Extracts for mail/merge processing and area listings
  • Postcode to GIS coordinates including Lat/Long values

Address Validation for GDPR

In the UK, businesses must comply with UK GDPR, which ensures customers’ personal data is protected, accurate and up-to-date. Address verification allows you to keep address data accurate and up-to-date; by implementing it in your CRM systems, you’ll be able to enrich your data, fill in any missing address gaps and be informed when data is no longer accurate.



...which is right for you?

AutoComplete or Type Ahead, produces address matches based on what is being typed. AutoComplete does not require complete addresses or postcode and can start returning results from very few input characters.

Postcode lookups expect the full postcode details to be entered before checking to see what matches. Postcode Lookup can cut keystrokes by 80% making it much faster to find an accurate address.

Address Validation Benefits

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Data Accuracy

Increased Website Conversion Rates

Learn More About Your Target Market

Access To The Multiple Datasets


The following datasets are also available.



Access to 1.8 million UK postcodes and 31.9 million residential and business addresses. Plus, the option to add Not Yet Built and Multiple Residence.



International data sets for 242 countries. Hopewiser understands the differences from country to country where the coverage level varies.


Office of National Statistics (ONS)

National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) dataset with extra data such as Grid References.


Companies House

Company information from Companies House, including registered office address, company type (SIC Codes), company status, accounts and annual return.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey data available including AddressBase Premium, featuring over 40 million addresses and 100 million cross references.


Maintaining your customer data with accurate address information will increase productivity and service levels.  Click on the logos to find out more.

Address Lookup for Sage CRM
Address Lookup for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Address Lookup for Salesforce


Simplifying your website checkout form with an address and postcode lookup tool will improve the customer experience and ensure correct delivery.

Address Lookup for WordPress
WOOCOMMERCE Address lookup & Autocomplete
Businessmen shaking hands after meeting in a cafe

After looking at a number of suppliers for address management solutions, we chose Hopewiser because they can deliver on our requirements and provide the service at a keen price.

Polly Lunn, JLA

Outsourcing the data management processes to Hopewiser means that the job can be done in days as opposed to months. We have saved time and money using Hopewiser - and have greatly enhanced the reliability of our data.

Mark Packman, CEO, Matrix Telematics

Hopewiser solutions just work. They deliver a cost effective service without any issues.

Jeff Wilson, Head of IT, Scottish Friendly

We have worked successfully with Hopewiser for many years. Using their software has saved a significant amount of money on inaccurate deliveries of goods, returned mailings and brand reputation.”

Paul Chorley, Project Delivery Manager, RFU

Case Study


Tombola Case Study

Tombola is an award winning, UK-based gambling company. They initially approached Hopewiser ahead of sponsoring one of the most successful TV shows in the UK.

In previous years, their address lookup providers struggled to handle the amount of lookups required during this busy period. This meant, they could not confidently guarantee that the address lookup service would not go down at critical times, when a high number of players wanted to join. This was causing great concern for the company, as it potentially meant losing revenue and wasting large amounts of advertising money.


Why should I use Hopewiser for address validation?

Hopewiser is a used and trusted data validation provider serving businesses across the country with an accurate address validation service. Designed to enrich and get the most from your data, you’ll be able to improve your business decision-making, and efficiency & comply with GDPR regulations.

Available as cloud and software-based, our address validation services are tailored to you and will work on a variety of platforms. If you need any assistance, our in-house knowledgeable data specialists are ready to help you find an easy solution for any data difficulties you have.

What data sources do we use?

Hopewiser software utilises datasets from multiple sources to ensure complete and up-to-date data accuracy. These include:

Royal Mail PAF – includes more than 1.8 million UK postcodes and 31.9 million business and residential addresses.
Multiple Residence – includes more than 800,000 sub-premise addresses linked to over 192,000 addresses in PAF.
Ordnance Survey – access to Ordnance Survey data with AddressBase Premium.
Companies House – easily accessible full company information including office address, filing history, accounts and annual return.
ONS – NSPD datasets with grid reference data.
Eircode – access to the Republic of Ireland’s official postcode systems.
International – access to datasets for 242 countries covering the 7 continents.

Why is address validation important for GDPR?

Address validation ensures that your business is maintaining and protecting the personal data of your customers. By implementing it within your CRM systems, you can fill in any missing address gaps and be notified when data is no longer accurate.