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Bulk Email Validation Service

Email Address Validation Service

Email validation services to cleanse and optimise your email database contacts and have a better relationship with your customers.


Email Validation with Complete Accuracy

Our industry-leading email verification services are designed to improve your organisation’s communication with existing and targeted customers. Cleanse emails and remove invalid addresses at the point of entry. Build accurate email address lists and gain a greater insight into how your communications are interacted with.

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Discreet Validation on your Bulk Mailings

Receive a list detailing deliverable, undeliverable, unconfirmed, unverifiable, harmful and disposable emails, without sending any emails to the customer.


Increase Email Deliverability

Get more from targeted campaigns with accurate email data. By targeting valid email addresses, you’ll be more successful in reaching your target audience.


Reduce Spam Complaints

Your sender's reputation is critical when sending email marketing. Email validation will reduce hard bounces, prevent emails from being blocked and reduce your spam score.


Save Money & Time

By removing invalid emails, you’ll save money; whether you’re spending less money on your email marketing campaign service, or simply spending less time fixing email bounces or dealing with complaints.


Improve Business Analysis

Accurate data means accurate insights. Understand the real open and click-through rates to improve your campaign performance, and drive segmentation decisions and marketing ROI.


Lessen fraudulent sign-ups

Integrate the API simply into your app, web forms, CRM, POS or other point of data entry. Prevent invalid emails from entering your system at sign-up and avoid spam attacks. Safeguard your premium content.




  • The service uses secure HTTPS-based RESTful principles, which uses JSON as its primary data interchange format.
  • Input a couple of lines of code and validate email addresses from within your own application.
  • To use this functionality you will need to register for an account and buy an Email Validation click bundle from the shop.
  • Integrate simply into your app, web forms, CRM, POS or other point of data entry


  • We deduplicate data as part of the bulk service.
  • Full explanation and report so you know the difference between the categories.
  • The project can be done as part of a wider data cleanse or data enrichment
  • Plus, we can also suppress the data based on agreed rules with you or split into different files.
  • Data supplied either as a stand-alone file or merged into your provided database as an additional field, flagged with the correct category and status code.


  • Free access to our code for real-time validation. Pay as you go bundle options.
  • Free trials and Bureau reports available.
  • Our validation process is made up of several steps each taking a fraction of a second.
  • We check format, syntax, domain, DNS and mailbox are valid. Plus report back on Catchall, Disposable address and Spam traps.
  • We look beyond just deliverable and undeliverable. We will be able to help make suggestions to improve your data and in turn improve email marketing ROI.

What is email address validation?

Email validation is the process of verifying the legitimacy and activeness of an email address, and features process checks including:

Syntax check

Syntax refers to the structure and format of the email address. Every email address shares the same structure: username, followed by an @ symbol, followed by the domain name. Email validation will check that the username and domain name are correctly formatted without any spaces or other errors.

Domain validation checks

The domain name is the final part of an email address following, such as or Email validation will check whether the domain exists, is active, is not a disposable address, or is not on a spam or scam list.

Mailbox checks

The mailbox is where the emails will be sent and delivered to. Email validation will check if the mailbox is currently in use, can receive emails and whether or not it belongs to a temporary email address provider.

Why should my business use an email verification tool?

Email verification tools are cost-effective and time-saving ways to cleanse your email database and are used by thousands of businesses across the world. By checking whether an email address is valid, active, and real, you can save a lot of time and money, whilst also finding out more about your customers.

Improved deliverability rate

Invalid email addresses lead to emails bouncing, which has a negative impact on your sender’s reputation and email deliverability. By validating your email addresses and using a clean list, you will improve your email deliverability rate, reduce your bounce rate and ensure your emails reach the right people.

Save time & resources

Manually validating a single email address doesn’t take too long, however, when you need to check many, it can be a long-draining process resulting in inconsistencies. Hopewiser lets you work smarter, validating emails in bulk – processing thousands of emails at once, which not only saves time and resources but also ensures there are no bad email addresses in your list.

Save money

Along with saving valuable resources from manual validation, you also save money by only paying for what you need. Many email campaign platforms, such as Mailchimp or Klaviyo, will charge you based on how many contacts you have on the system. So by having a clean email list, you can be sure that you are only paying for legible email addresses which have a chance of a conversion.

Email Validation Benefits

Accurate email data capture in real-time

Bulk verification for your email lists

Optimise your database for improved business analysis

Save time & money and increase marketing effectiveness


Why should I use Hopewiser’s email verification services?

The benefits of a paid email verification service are endless, with the most important being that bulk email checking becomes possible. Free services only allow for single verification which wastes a lot of resources over time; with Hopewiser, bulk email verification can be done in an instant.

Our services are used by businesses across the UK to improve their email deliverability and save time & resources. Dependent on the solution, the service is available as cloud, software-based or via a professional service. Our platforms are tailored to work for you without punishing you for usage. Our team has over 40 years of data cleansing experience and is available to help you with any data project you have.

How does our email address verification tool work?

Email address verification works by checking the syntax, domain and mailbox of any email to understand if it is active and/or legitimate. Once identified, they can be removed and sorted to gain a greater understanding of who your customers are.

Is our email validation service secure?

Yes, our email validation service is highly secure. We use encryption and other security measures to protect the privacy and security of the information that is submitted to our system.