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Bulk Email Validation Service

How Email Address Validation Can Improve Your Customer Relations Instantly

At Hopewiser, we understand the importance of effective communication with your customers. That’s why we are excited to introduce our email address validation service, designed to improve your customer relations instantly.

Don’t let invalid email addresses hinder your ability to effectively communicate with your customers. Integrate our email validation API service today and see the immediate impact it can have on your customer relations.

Email Validation Benefits

Accurate email data capture in real-time

Bulk verification for your email lists

Optimise your database for improved business analysis

Save time & money and increase marketing effectiveness

Cleanse Emails With Success Every Time

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Discreet Validation on your Bulk Mailings

Introducing Hopewiser's Email Validation service, a powerful tool for ensuring the accuracy and validity of email addresses in your bulk mailings. With our bulk email validation feature, you can easily validate all email addresses in one go, saving you time and effort. Our validation process includes the detection of disposable email addresses, ensuring that only genuine email addresses are included in your bulk mailings.


Increase Email Deliverability

Say goodbye to wasted resources on sending emails to non-existent or inactive email addresses. With Hopewiser's Email Validation Services, you can clean your email lists to reduce bounce rates and ultimately increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Start improving your email deliverability and open rates today with our reliable and efficient email validation services.


Reduce Spam Complaints

With Hopewiser's Email Address Validation Service, you can confidently send your marketing emails knowing that you have taken proactive steps to reduce the risk of spam complaints and increase the deliverability of your campaigns. Don't let spam complaints hold back your email marketing efforts. Try Hopewiser's Email Address Validation Service today and experience the difference.


Save Money & Time

Don't let outdated and inaccurate customer information drain your resources. Let Hopewiser help you cut CRM costs and reduce marketing expenses with our Email Address Validation Service. Update your contact information and start saving money and time today.


Improve Business Analysis

We understand the importance of accurate business intelligence for your company's success. That's why we're excited to introduce our Email Validation service, designed to enhance the quality of customer insight and improve the registration process for your business. Don't let inaccurate data hinder your business intelligence. Trust Hopewiser's Email Validation service to enhance the quality of your customer insight and drive your business forward.


Lessen fraudulent sign-ups

Integrate the API simply into your app, web forms, CRM, POS or other point of data entry. Prevent invalid emails from entering your system at sign-up and avoid spam attacks. Safeguard your premium content.

Here's how Hopewiser Cleans and Validates your Email Data



  • The service uses secure HTTPS-based RESTful principles, which uses JSON as its primary data interchange format.
  • Input a couple of lines of code and validate email addresses from within your own application.
  • To use this functionality you will need to register for an account and buy an Email Validation click bundle from the shop.
  • Integrate simply into your app, web forms, CRM, POS or other point of data entry


  • We deduplicate data as part of the bulk service.
  • Full explanation and report so you know the difference between the categories.
  • The project can be done as part of a wider data cleanse or data enrichment
  • Plus, we can also suppress the data based on agreed rules with you or split into different files.
  • Data supplied either as a stand-alone file or merged into your provided database as an additional field, flagged with the correct category and status code.


  • Free access to our code for real-time validation. Pay as you go bundle options.
  • Free trials and Bureau reports available.
  • Our validation process is made up of several steps each taking a fraction of a second.
  • We check format, syntax, domain, DNS and mailbox are valid. Plus report back on Catchall, Disposable address and Spam traps.
  • We look beyond just deliverable and undeliverable. We will be able to help make suggestions to improve your data and in turn improve email marketing ROI.

What Is Email Validation And Why Do We Need It?

Email communication has become a vital tool for businesses and providers to connect with their customers in today’s digital age. However, sending emails to invalid or incorrect email addresses can lead to a decrease in deliverability, an increase in bounce rates, and ultimately, a decline in conversion rates. This is where email validation comes into play.

Email validation is the process of verifying the accuracy and validity of email addresses before they are added to your mailing list. By utilising email validation services, businesses can ensure that their customer communication and email marketing efforts are reaching the intended recipients. Validated email addresses significantly improve deliverability, as they reduce the likelihood of emails being flagged as spam or undeliverable.

Moreover, a clean and accurate email list can drastically reduce bounce rates, saving you time and resources. Validated email addresses also lead to increased conversion rates, as your messages are reaching active and engaged recipients.

By incorporating the email validation process into your customer communication and email marketing strategy, you can not only improve the effectiveness of your campaigns but also enhance the overall success of your business.

Hopewiser’s email verification tool utilises advanced technology to accurately identify and rectify any errors or inaccuracies in your email database. By cross-referencing against a comprehensive database, we can identify invalid email addresses, correct any formatting issues or domain names, and remove any duplicate entries. This ensures that your email communications are delivered to the right recipients, improving your overall deliverability rates and customer engagement.

With our reliable and efficient email verifier service, you can trust that your email data is validated and cleaned to the highest standard, saving you time and resources while maintaining a high level of data quality. Let Hopewiser take the guesswork out of email address validation, so you can focus on reaching your target audience with confidence.



Q. Can email validation be integrated into existing systems?

A. Yes, Hopewiser’s email validation service can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Q. How accurate is Hopewiser’s email validation?

A. Hopewiser’s email validation has a high level of accuracy, ensuring that only valid and deliverable email addresses are captured.

Q. How does email validation work?

A. Email validation works by checking the syntax of an email address, verifying the domain exists, and checking if the mailbox exists on the domain’s mail server to reduce hard bounces and bad email rates for email marketing campaigns.

Q. Can email validation help prevent fraudulent activities?

A. Yes, email validation can help prevent fraudulent activities by identifying and removing fake or temporary email addresses from your database.