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Data Solutions for Fintech & Financial Services

Improve customer onboarding, streamline internal operations and provide personalised products for your customers.

How Hopewiser can help make the most of your data

Whether you are Fintech or Financial Services, new technologies are being explored to improve time-consuming procedures and deliver innovative customer experiences.

Examples such as mobile banking, peer-to-peer payment services and the development of crypto currencies are all being investigated and traditional Banks are now working in conjunction with financial software companies (Fintech) to onboard and provide services.

These technologies rely heavily on data. Finance companies that understand their data and create solutions that are collaborative and agile by design will unlock new revenue streams and continue to service their customers against an ever changing landscape.

Hopewiser will improve your data visibility and data quality to provide more consistent information to use as a baseline for decision making, analysis and targeted marketing.

Verified, streamlined and enhanced data will make it more actionable, helping you and your customers make better decisions.


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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Enhance KYC processes by merging multiple streams of data to create a single source of truth, helping you to validate a customer's identity to prevent fraud.

Customer Onboarding

Verify details at the payment gateway with AutoComplete address validation. Customers can easily capture accurate address details helping you deliver a seamless onboarding experience.


Enhance Business-Critical Decisions with Ongoing Monitoring

Automatically cleanse and update data to ensure healthy accurate customer records and reduce potential fraud risks.


Streamline Internal Operations and Data Flows

Improve data quality to provide more consistent and reliable information. Uniformity makes data more actionable, meaning artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to promote creative ways to add value to banking.

Build Personalised Financial Products

A careful thought-out approach to data cleaning can serve as a starting point to build personalised financial products.

Discover which products can help you

Whatever strategy you use there is only one bottom line; to improve data quality in order to provide the best customer service and reliable information that will serve as a baseline for decision making.

Our data solutions will enable you verify your customers and structure your data so that you can personalise products relevant to them. By identifying customers you can reduce credit risk, streamline your customer approval processes, help build a user experience that promotes new habits and build better customer engagement tools.


Address Capture

Improve conversion rates and speed up capture process with address validation


Data Cleansing

Highlight any discrepancies, such as movers and deceased persons.


Email Validation

Use our bulk email validation service to cleanse your email database to identify and remove invalid or outdated email addresses.

Case Study

Insurance on deceased data

Case Study

The Bank was looking for an online solution, which would give the flexibility and scalability to ramp up the service to their SME and Mortgage & Savings customers.

Using an online service means they have fast access to pay-per-lookup tools with no external set up fees and no ongoing maintenance. Plus access to APIs and plug-ins for easy integration into their CRM systems.