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Find Your Nearest Address Cleanse

Find Your Nearest - GIS Made Simple

Find Your Nearest is a simple but effective Geographical Information System. Using various grid-reference files, find the nearest reference points to any location.


GIS Mapping Software

Our trusted GIS software is designed to make location mapping as simple as possible. Find the answers straight away without needing to consult maps or directories, and save any data you need for future use. It is a valuable tool used by sales, marketing and distribution functions as it provides complete accuracy at a moment’s notice.


Calculate Distances.

With access to a wide range of barriers, calculate the distance between you and your customers, and provide them with accurate response times and costs.



Create your own table of entries and store the data you want, including reference numbers or phone numbers, saving you a lot of time in the process.


Increased accuracy & response

With real-time responses, set the location based on your current location, UK postcode, city, or longitude & latitude and calculate the distances between grid-based geographical points instantly.

atlas dedupe

Access to barrier files

Devkit includes single, joined & enclosed barriers such as major coastal barriers and river estuaries (including the Thames).


Save time and money

Your business will become more efficient saving valuable operator and customer time.


Easy-to-use interface

Find your proximity to a wide range of businesses and facilities with a simplified and categorised interface.

What is GIS Software?

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software allows users to create, analyse, and visualise geospatial data, including maps, satellite imagery, and topographical data, as well as data on demographic, economic, and environmental factors.

How can GIS software improve my business?

GIS software is used by thousands of business functions including marketing, sales, and distribution to gain a competitive advantage and improve decision-making & efficiency

GIS software helps businesses with market analysis by identifying areas and opportunities for potential growth, which is especially useful for local-based businesses which require an in-depth understanding of local competition.

This data can then be used in geographical targeting campaigns, such as local leaflet distribution or nationwide billboard advertising.

Not only does GIS software grant you access to addresses, but it will also pull through related information including reference numbers and phone numbers, making telesales and door-to-door sales a lot easier.

With access to single, joined & enclosed barriers, businesses can optimise their delivery routes, spend less on transportation costs and give customers a better estimate of delivery & travel times.

How does Find Your Nearest work?

Find Your Nearest has been designed to work for you.

Benefit from built-in features including flexible load programs which allow you to save multiple locations, create your own lookup tables and store any data you may need; whether you’re looking to sell your services to different businesses or searching for a new supplier.

Finding the distance becomes a lot easier, creating a straight line point-to-point in miles and kilometres, and returning the grid reference point for each location (which can be saved for later use).

It also features mapping tools gaining you access to single, joint & enclosed barriers that can represent obstacles that would involve diverting around, such as an estuary, bridge or river. This gives you a more realistic list of nearby locations and avoids ‘as the crow flies’ routes.

Find Your Nearest is not only available as a cloud & desktop application, but can be added to your website to improve the customer experience. Simply add to your website and let your potential customers find the location of your nearest store, outlet, office, or service and the distance to it.

To find out more, visit our Find Your Nearest developer page.

Benefits of Find Your Nearest

Increased accuracy

Improved customer satisfaction

Simple & easy to use

Capture the data that matters to you

Cloud & Desktop GIS


Why should I use Hopewiser’s ‘Find Your Nearest’ service?

There are many benefits to using ‘Find Your Nearest’ – as a simplified GIS, you can have easy access to nearby locations of a wide range of businesses and public sector buildings to improve your marketing communication efforts.

Our services are available as cloud and software-based, and our platforms are tailored to work for you without punishing you for usage. Our team has over 40 years of data cleansing experience and is available to help you with any data project you have.

What is GIS Software?

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software allows users to create, analyse, and visualise a wide range of geospatial, topographical, demographic, economic and environmental data.

Why is GIS software important?

GIS software allows businesses that rely on location-specific data to make more accurate and effective decisions; whether identifying patterns and trends in data, performing spatial analysis, or creating reports that provide location-specific insight.