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Retail Data Management Services

Accurately collect & analyse data to improve customer experience and marketing campaigns.

Achieve high-quality retail data to improve business decision-making, analysis and targeted marketing.

Hopewiser’s data solutions allow you to verify every customer and structure them based on demographics & interests, so you can personalise communications and promote products relevant to them.

With a firmer understanding of your customers, you can improve their experience tenfold, keeping more in the funnel and improving decisions based on strategic insights.

Verified, streamlined and enhanced data will make it more actionable, helping you and your customers make better decisions.

Why Use Data Quality Services For Retail?


Improve Customer Service

Understand customer problems faster by having a complete view of previous interactions so you can fix the problem straight away. Merge multiple streams of retail data and form a single source of truth to enhance your customer service.


Reduce Failed Deliveries

Seamlessly integrate address verification plugins to your checkout to give your customers the best experience possible (ensuring their delivery address is correct every time).


Build Trust

Use the most reputable data sources and secure processes to ensure your operations are GDPR-compliant and build trust with your customers.

Enhance Clienteling Processes

Integrate Address Lookup into your CRM software to capture and lookup customer data to improve analysis, productivity, customer service and marketing outreach.

Increased Sales Conversion

Develop Customer Loyalty

Monitor buying habits to gain a greater understanding and improve the customer journey based on preferences, behaviour patterns and purchase history, and benefit from increased conversions and brand loyalty.


Enhance Sales Channels

Improve your business processes and keep the momentum going by speeding up the point of sale data input process and reducing customers backing out of the decision prior to purchase.

Data Management Solutions For The Retail Industry

There are many ways you can achieve high-quality retail data, with each providing reliable information that will serve as a baseline for informed decision-making.

Our data strategies will enable you to verify your customers and structure your data so that you can personalise products relevant to them. By identifying customers, you can predict trends, improve the customer experience, retain customers and make better strategic decisions.


Address Lookup

Save customer time and ensure every address is entered correctly with address validation plugins that seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform. Simply enter a partial address or postcode, and the automation will complete the rest.


Data Cleansing

Gain access to a wide range of datasets & sources including domestic, international, gone away and more, to highlight and amend any discrepancies or errors in your customer database.

Efficient Reporting

Bank Account Validation

Keep your business and customers protected against bank fraud and payment errors by checking bank account data in real time. With easy implementation, you’ll be avoiding any unnecessary spending, with prices starting from just 3.7p per bank account lookup


Email Validation

Improve your client communications & marketing campaigns by verifying the email addresses in your database to ensure the message reaches the right target every time.

Case Study


Case Study

A popular UK manufacturer and home improvement firm was looking for a way to automate data updates, integrate online reporting and track address lookups as well as be able to purchase online.

After integrating Address Lookup into its website, the firm now uses the online service from Hopewiser to track usage which helps to plan and analyse during peak business times. The flexibility of Hopewiser’s address lookup also means the number of clicks can be tailored to suit the various requirements of customers.

Retail businesses can similarly benefit from these results. Address Lookup can save precious time and resources, and by making the checkout/renewal process simple and more efficient, the overall customer experience will improve.




How can Hopewiser help me make the most of my data?

Big data analytics allows you to improve customer service, personalise every customer experience based on purchase history and behaviour, accurately forecast quarterly and yearly trends, and make data-driven driven strategic decisions based on in-depth market analysis.

To ensure your data is correct, it must be captured accurately so that subsequent analysis of addresses and names is true. For example, if a customer entered their address as St Ives, you would not know whether it is St Ives, Cornwall, or St Ives, Cambridge, and therefore you would be working with inaccurate statistics.

What data issues do retail organisations face?

Some of the most common difficulties retail businesses face when it comes to data management include bias, duplicate entries, formatting inconsistencies and input inaccuracies. All of these will harm your business analysis, which is why it’s crucial to have a reliable data management tool.

Why is data management important for my business?

Data management is crucial for both online e-commerce and in-store retail businesses as it helps you understand buyer behaviour, optimise inventory, personalise marketing campaigns, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

How can data management services help improve customer targeting?

Data management services enable you to analyse customer data, segment the customers based on demographic and predicted psychographics, and create personalised marketing campaigns to serve each segmented group.

How does data management allow me to improve supply chain management?

By analysing useful data including sales history, demand patterns and inventory levels, you can accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory levels, and reduce holding costs. By understanding your customer database, you’ll have a greater understanding of demand and expected delivery costs.

How does data management ensure I compy with GDPR?

One of the key aspects of GDPR is to protect and secure the personal information of customers, including name, phone number, address, email address and bank details.

By implementing data management methods into your customer database, you can fill in any missing haps and remove ‘goneaway’ customers.

Additionally, our address validation and bank verification tools integrate seamlessly with the e-commerce platforms ensuring their details are correct every time and that any chance of fraud is significantly reduced.