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Charity Sector Data Optimisation

Improve decision making, enrich communities and access verifiable data.

How Hopewiser Helps To Make The Most Of Your Data


Whether your focus is on fundraising, community development, education or environmental protection, we can help to deliver your objectives with data solutions tailored to your needs.

Using our first-class knowledge and up-to-date sources, we provide Email Address, Payment Validation and Data Cleansing solutions to ensure you are optimising your data and conforming with laws such as GDPR.

With our cost effective services your business will access a streamlined view of your data, leading to valuable customer insights and enabling you to make the best decisions for your business.

Experience Data Quality Services to help you stay ahead of competitors and access data quality assessments, enrichment and suppressions.

Capture accurate addresses

Address Lookup Demo

Benefits Of Clean Data


Drive Effective Decisions

Our data quality services will provide up-to-date and verified data that will grant you with customer insights and help you make the best decisions to cope with new trends, beat competitors and benefit your community.


Deliver Communications Efficiently

Our Email Address Validation service enables you to clean your email database and save time and resources on email campaigns. Optimise your contact information by highlighting incorrect, harmful or non-existent email addresses.

Increased Sales Conversion

Reduce Failed Payments and Fraud

With Bank Account Validation, ensure charitable donations reach you successfully. A smoother transaction process results in increased donations, better support and improved reputation which will ultimately help your business grow.


Improve E-Commerce Platforms

Seamlessly integrate our automatic Address Lookup to capture addresses at the point of entry when customers add their data. Doing so will improve service levels, and increase productivity, this is why we are trusted by banks, police forces and more.

Enhanced Data

Access Additional Datasets

Obtain accurate data audits to allow you to handle a variety of situations, increase operational efficiency and reach your community with enriched data from a range of sources. Depending on your business focus, we add extra or missing information to help you build relationships. with the public and make the most of your data.

3 Steps Towards Data Improvement

Regardless of your purpose and strategy, data improvement is essential to a successful business. It helps you build a better rapport with the community and drives towards more effective critical decisions.


Discover which products can help you


Address Capture

Improve accuracy and speed up capture processes with address validation.


Email Validation

Use our email validation to capture and cleanse email data. Identify and remove invalid or outdated email addresses.


Data Cleansing

Highlight any discrepancies, such as movers and deceased persons and reduce fraud and misinformation.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Bank Account Validation

Validates bank accounts to prevent fraud and payment errors.

Some Of The Charities We Have Worked With

Did You Know...

If your organisation is a UK based charity or a community interest company with an income of less than £10 million, you may be eligible to access the Postcode Address File for free. This means your costs will be even cheaper as you are only paying for access to the ready made solution.