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Optimise Public Sector Data

Fight fraud, improve communications and drive decision making

How Hopewiser Can Help Make the Most of Your Data

We understand the pressure you, the Public Sector, is under to cut costs and deliver services with less money and fewer resources. However, we do not compromise on quality. We implement first class data cleansing and validation services to Central Government, Local Authorities, the Police and Healthcare businesses.

With a wide range of information from social care to council tax collection, you need to analyse and understand this huge quantity of data. Our data solutions can help you to conform with the DEA (Digital Economy Act), by sharing data, ensuring privacy and staying compliant with GDPR.



Our data quality services have led to improved understanding of the needs of citizens by creating a single view, reduced fraudulent claims and easier debt management.

We can provide seamless address cleansing and validation to your address databases, as well as insights into geographical information, bank details and email data, all of which contribute to improved efficiency, satisfied citizens and a path towards innovation and development.



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Efficient Reporting

Improve Data Quality

Harness customer data at the point of entry via cloud or software. We provide real-time address validation to improve data quality. Accurate data can then be used for a variety of purposes such as mapping routes for delivery, building a single view, identifying fraud and meeting regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Data

Gain Understanding with Streamlined Data

Single Source of Truth can deliver an aggregated database that delivers a consistent view of a citizen. With SSOT, you will have just one, unique record for each of your citizens that can be accessed across your entire organisation. This will help with the DEA guidance on sharing data.


Enriching Data using additional Datasets

Add additional or missing information for profiling, insights and relationship building. For example, identify individuals in multi-occupancy buildings with Multiple Residence, provide community development with Not Yet Built data and utilise, AddressBase Premium with purpose-built software.

Increased Sales Conversion

Reduce Fraud

Bank Validation service aligns with the UK government Public Sector Fraud Authority by validating bank account data at the point of capture. This enables businesses to reduce fraud and build better citizen relations.


Stay ahead of Trends with Data-Driven Business Decisions

Regular automatic cleaning of data will help to deliver optimal services, strengthen internal controls and drive better decision making. Powerful data leads to new marketing channels, improved targeting and greater development within societies.

Discover which products can help you

Whatever strategy you use there is only one bottom line; to improve data quality in order to provide the best customer service and reliable information that will serve as a baseline for decision making.



Address Capture

Improve accuracy and speed up capture processes with address validation.


Data Cleansing

Highlight any discrepancies, such as movers and deceased persons and reduce fraud and misinformation.


Email Validation

Use our bulk email validation service to cleanse your email database to identify and remove invalid or outdated email addresses.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Bank Account Validation

Validates bank accounts to prevent fraud and payment errors.

Case Study

Police persuit

Case Study

This Police Force were looking to seamlessly integrate address lookup to their systems as well as consolidating their addressing software by using one addressing hub to provide cost and time savings in the future.

Hopewiser provided AddressServer and postcode lookups to centralise address details and other lookups to a single location. Hopewiser integrated the API into the Police Force system quickly and with little downtime, it also negated the need for changes to the interface, additional training and extra costs.

Following the integration, the Police Force were able to call all aspects of address and name data from a central resource which vastly increased operation such as, efficiency during Stop and Search procedures on the street, Control Room navigation and enquiries from the public to a specific address.