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Address Lookup and Address Cleanse FREE Trial

Ensure the accuracy of your customer data from its point of entry and beyond

Accurately capture and maintain your customer data

Say goodbye to ‘dirty’ data! Try our Address Lookup and Address Cleanse FREE trial today

Customer data is one of your most valuable business assets, but if it’s captured incorrectly or it becomes out of date, it’s effectively worthless.

Fortunately, you can ensure the accuracy of your customer data at the point of entry with our Address Lookup, and then keep it that way with our Address Cleanse.

Our cloud-based Address Lookup solution uses daily Royal Mail PAF updates to verify your customer data at the point of capture. Our Address Cleanse service will then maintain its accuracy as it naturally decays over time.

Register now for a FREE trial to experience the speed and power of our Address Lookup and with Address Cleanse – you’ll also receive a FREE data-quality report!

The data-quality report allows you to scrub your contact data against several essential data sources including the latest Postcode Address File (PAF), Deceased, Goneaway, MPS and TPS data sets.

Our free trial requires no obligation to purchase and no payment or credit card. The data-quality report is entirely free and yours to keep!

Watch how easy it is to audit your data with Address Cleanse

Start your FREE Trial and get your data quality report

Just register below and you will be up-and-running in minutes with Address Lookup and Address Cleanse.

  • No obligation and no credit card required for your free trial and data audit.
  • Easy to understand with a user friendly wizard.
  • Address Lookup is CRM-ready & extensible with integrations for MS Dynamics, Sage CRM,, WooCommerce and more.
  • ‘Pay-as-you-go’.  Happy with the free trial? Continue with our Address Lookup and Address Cleanse and only pay for what you need!
  • Charity/Public Sector Discount. If you are a registered Charity or Public Sector you may be eligible for discounts on our Cloud Services. You need to be registered with the Royal Mail/Ordnance Survey Charity/Public Sector Lists to be able to activate the discount on the Hopewiser Portal.

Please keep your password safe. For security reasons all file data will be unavailable if it is forgotten.


We have strict policies with regard to the data we manage on behalf of our clients.  Address Cleanse has been designed from the foundation to be secure. This means that the architecture of the software written by our developers, has security built into its processes.  Hopewiser is unable to open/edit End User data.


  1. Store all End User files in an encrypted format when not being processed.
  2. Store the key to access End User files in an encrypted form so as to require a valid login to decrypt the data.
  3. Delete each End User file 30 days after it is uploaded or created.
  4. Do not make backups (encrypted or otherwise) of End User data.

Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.