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Data Solutions for Transport Services

Cleanse and streamline data to help provide transport solutions, enhance customer contacts and improve confidentiality.

Transport Customer Data Management

Precision is paramount in transport data management.

Customer address data is critical to transport companies, so it must be captured immediately and keeping customer information up-to-date requires data cleansing.

AddressBase Premium helps logistics organisations locate places on maps, store unique reference numbers for fast data retrieval, and provide “Find Your Nearest” services.

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Make The Most Of Your Commuter Data With Hopewiser

To make the most of commuters’ data, businesses can leverage Hopewiser’s data solutions such as address verification and geocoding.

By using these tools, organisations can ensure that customer address data is captured accurately, leading to improved customer experience when using public transport apps.

The data cleansing feature also helps keep customer data up to date, enabling personalised marketing strategies based on accurate and current information.

Leveraging Hopewiser’s data management solutions, local authorities can also make business operations more efficient.

Logistics companies, for example, can use datasets like AddressBasePremium to locate places on a map and store unique reference numbers, facilitating quick data retrieval for properties from various data sources. This enables organisations, such as the Department for Transport (DFT), to offer customers services such as ‘Find Your Nearest’, making it easier for them to locate the nearest station, garage, or other relevant activities such as journey planning.

By utilising Hopewiser’s data solutions for address verification and geocoding, businesses within the transport network can enhance their marketing efforts, improve customer experience, and streamline operations, ultimately leading to better business performance and customer satisfaction with transport services.

Transport Data Management Benefits


Accurate Customer Address Data

Businesses can ensure precise capture of customer address data through tools like address verification and geocoding, leading to an improved customer experience.

Enhanced Data

Data Cleansing for Up-to-date Information

The data cleansing feature helps keep customer data current, enabling personalised marketing strategies based on accurate and updated information.


Efficient Business Operations

Leveraging Hopewiser's data solutions, especially for logistics companies and stakeholders using datasets like AddressBasePremium, enhances operational efficiency. This includes quick data retrieval for properties, and facilitating services like 'Find Your Nearest' to help customers locate the closest depot, garage, or station facilities.

Increased Sales Conversion

Enhanced Marketing Efforts

Utilising data solutions for address verification and geocoding can boost marketing efforts by providing accurate customer data, ultimately contributing to better business performance and partnerships.


Streamlined Operations

Businesses, especially logistics companies, can streamline their operations through datasets that facilitate quick data retrieval and enhance services to customers, leading to increased efficiency with real-time information.

Discover Which Products Can Help You

Whatever strategy you use there is only one bottom line; to improve data quality in order to provide the best customer service and reliable information that will serve as a baseline for decision making.

Our data solutions will enable you verify your customers and structure your data so that you can personalise products relevant to them. By identifying customers you can reduce credit risk, streamline your customer approval processes, help build a user experience that promotes new habits and build better customer engagement tools.


Email Validation Technology

Ensure accurate and up-to-date customer email data, reducing bounce rates and improving communication with customers.

atlas dedupe

Address Lookup Services

Capture correct customer addresses immediately to improve delivery accuracy and customer satisfaction while reducing the risk of failed deliveries.


Data Cleansing Technology

Keep customer data up to date, reducing the risk of sending mail to incorrect addresses and improving the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Ordnance Survey

Find Your Nearest Services

Help customers easily locate the nearest depot or garage, improving customer convenience and satisfaction.


Logistics Datasets Like AddressBase Premium

Utilise these datasets to locate places on a map, store unique reference numbers, and retrieve the latest data for properties, ensuring efficient and accurate logistics operations.


1. Is it secure to store customer data on Hopewiser?

Yes, Hopewiser prioritises the security of customer data, data sharing, data use and data standards. It uses robust encryption and security protocols to ensure that all customer information is stored and transmitted securely.

2. Can I access customer data on Hopewiser from any location?

Yes, Hopewiser is a cloud-based system and service provider for the transport industry, so you can access customer data from anywhere with an internet connection. This allows for real-time monitoring and decision-making for your transportation operations.

3. How does Hopewiser handle customer data privacy?

Hopewiser is fully compliant with data protection laws and regulations. It has strict privacy policies and measures in place to ensure that customer data is kept confidential and used only for the purposes authorised by the customer.

4. Can Hopewiser integrate with other systems to share customer data?

Yes, Hopewiser can integrate with other systems such as CRM or ERP platforms to share customer data and streamline operations to meet user needs. It allows for seamless data flow and collaboration between different business functions when generating a transport data strategy.

Case Study

A logistics firm wanted to focus on saving time, with less errors in the distribution and delivery processes and making the experience from initial click to the final delivery quicker.

Hopewiser provided AddressBase Core which enabled access to UPRNs and USRNs (Unique Street Reference Numbers) to represent the most up-to-date and accurate property and street location information.

Through data matching, cross-referencing and geospatial solutions, the organisation were able to plan their logistical decisions and meet customer expectations. This improved their reputation, increased delivery slots, saved costs and improved their bottom line.