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Free Guide: The Single Source of Truth

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Free Guide: The 'Single Source of Truth'

A ‘Single Source of Truth’ (SSOT) can be one of the most effective and efficient ways to capture a single version of your customer data and therefore maximise its value to your business.

By definition, SSOT is a best-practice approach to data management and business intelligence; one that addresses a common issue of poor data integration where duplicate customer records exist in multiple data-silos across an organisation.

Correctly implemented, a ‘Single Source of Truth’ approach to data management can deliver an aggregated data warehouse offering a consistent and non-redundant view of your customers –  you will have just one, unique record for each customer that can be accessed across your entire organisation.

It is a simple concept and one that can reap many benefits, but there can be obstacles. So is it worth the effort?

To answer this question, we’ve created a FREE guide: “The Single Source of Truth”.

In this downloadable guide, we discuss the problems caused by having multiple sources of data, why this has become a key business issue and the challenges and benefits of creating a ‘Single Source of Truth’.

In our guide you will also learn how Matrix Telematics reduced duplication by 97% across multiple data silos and 37-million customer records.

, updated 8th June 2020.