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Try our address lookup software for free!

Test the powerful engine behind our address lookup software and services with a quick demo. Just enter a postcode or partial address in the form below to experience its speed and accuracy*.

And if you represent an organisation, register for the full trial of  our Cloud Address Lookup – it’s a FREE, no obligation, no set-up fees, no maintenance and pay-per-click only if you decide to purchase.

If you are a registered Charity or Public Sector you may be eligible for discounts on our Cloud Services. You need to be registered with the Royal Mail/Ordnance Survey Charity/Public Sector Lists to be able to activate the discount on the Hopewiser Portal.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss how we can integrate our address lookup with your existing web forms or CRM systems.

* Free access for the demo on this page is limited to a maximum of 15 addresses per day. Want more lookups for your evaluation? Register for our Cloud Address Lookup then contact us for more clicks.

Instant access, no obligation & no setup fees.

Not sure which is the best approach for you?


Try for free – see for yourself the speed and accuracy of our global address lookup software built to intelligently assess each address and match.

This is the powerful engine behind our address lookup software and services, developed through experience and knowledge since 1982. Available as a convenient and simple cloud service, or built into our standalone software. It is also available to be integrated into your existing web or CRM systems.

If you would like more than 15 lookups per day, why not register for an Address Lookup account where you can purchase click bundles via our pay per click service.


Using Hopewiser’s Autocomplete allows users to enter valid addresses in an easy, intuitive way.

It is effective for entry methods where typing is more time consuming, for example on a mobile device. Autocomplete also  ensures that only valid entries are recorded, which is an essential during online check-out.

The engine behind the software uses the most reliable and up-to-date datasets – the latest Royal Mail Postcode Address File or Australia Post’s Postal Address File.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

“Address Lookup drastically reduces the amount of data entry time for the Closers who are always under pressure to complete the deal, all required CRM fields are populated in seconds, the software also eliminates typos and substantial amount of admin time correcting the data in CRM and Sage, reprinting invoices etc due to incorrect addresses.

Hopewiser are one of the most helpful suppliers we have ever come across, any issues are responded to as a matter of priority by their tech team. They have various modules for integration with other systems and were happy to add additional coding to the CRM module for us which was required due to our using a very old version.”

Jacci Broomhead – Systems Admin, DBA