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Address Lookup Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

"We have found the flexibility of the Portal invaluable."


One of the UK’s most popular manufacturers and home improvement firms has been a client of Hopewiser’s for over 10 years now.

The IT team originally started with an on-premise address management software solution, but recently were looking for a solution that had automatic data updates and an online reporting feature, so usage of address lookups could be tracked.

More importantly, they wanted the ability to purchase address lookup bundles online, so as much or as little as required could be bought.


Hopewiser discussed the cloud solution, Address Lookup, and the team decided this would be perfect for their requirements. Hopewiser’s cloud solution offers daily Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) updates, which are managed in-house meaning the Home Improvement IT team don’t have to conduct any maintenance. Plus the fact that one bundle of lookups could be used across all their different applications.

The client was also impressed with the online Portal’s real-time reporting features, including graphs, for usage.


Address Lookup was seamlessly integrated into their website and applications.  It is now running with many thousands of lookups purchased per year. Using the Portal to check usage and report on key times (when usage is high), helps in planning and analysis of the peaks and troughs in business.

The Address Lookup service has saved a lot of time, in terms of no longer having to maintain their addressing software in-house with Royal Mail updates.  Plus, only one Royal Mail licence across all their disparate applications is needed, which ensures savings on licence fees.

Automatic Renewal has also been set up, which means forgotten payments or running out of clicks during busy periods never happens. Not only has this simplified the renewal process, it has given them confidence when it comes to their website checkout process, as there is no risk of downtime.

The team know that they do not have to go through a significant process to cancel their renewal or alter the amount of clicks needed.  The process is quick and easy as they have full control of their online Hopewiser dashboard. This means alteration to orders and payments can be made easily to suit the busiest and quiet times.

All click bundles last for 12 months, mitigating potential wastage from purchasing monthly bundles and again the system can be altered to just auto renew the amounts of clicks to suit the peaks and troughs of the business.

“We have found the flexibility of the Portal invaluable.  With auto-renew, we no longer worry about running out of address lookups and find the service easy to use. Our commitment to quality means we strive for excellent customer service.  Always having an address lookup available for our customers is one small part of that service.”