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Are you worried that hidden behind closed doors your deliveries and letters aren't getting through?



By using the Multiple Residence dataset from the Royal Mail with our address validation, you can now lookup and verify over 800,000 additional premises.

This provides access to self-contained flats, sub-divided houses, apartment blocks, halls of residence, and nursing homes.

Multiple Residence contains 826,713 sub-premise addresses, linked to 192,006 addresses from the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF), and is constantly growing. With the addition of these addresses, your business operations will benefit by having the correct addresses to accurately deliver customer purchases and marketing.

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Efficient Reporting

Improve Customer Targeting

When customer targeting is improved you are enabling your business to focus time and money on those who are more likely to invest in your products and services.

Enhanced Data

Prevent Business Fraud

Failure to do so can impact your business workflow, impede your businesses development, harm your reputation as an entity and legal issues may arise.

Increased Sales Conversion

Accurate Delivery of Messages

Maintaining accurate communications leads to enhanced business reputation, increased customer loyalty and greater efficiency within your business.


Reduce Failed Deliveries and Complaints

Again, this benefit of using Multiple Residence data leads to greater awareness for your business, more satisfied customers and valuable business resources like time and money are saved.


We have analysed the data and concluded that the Multiple Residence data cannot simply be added to PAF, especially when automatically matching addresses. Therefore, we have blended PAF with Multiple Residence, by removing some conflicting data, which gives a much higher match rate than other solutions that have merely added Multiple Residence to PAF.

In doing so, this enables us to increase address matching by 0.36% for a mixed dataset of PAF and non-PAF addresses, as opposed to a simple added version only seeing the match rate increase by 0.18%. Without our approach, this would have a significant effect on how many addresses can be uniquely identified.

For example the following Multiple Residence address conflicts with that already contained in the PAF:

Flat 1-3, 31 West Street, Leicester, LE1 6XN (PAF)
Flat 1, 31 West Street, Leicester, LE1 6XN (Multiple Residence)

Flat 1 will now occur at two separate addresses making it difficult to uniquely match. However, Hopewiser’s blended approach will eliminate these problems.

Multiple Residence is a great addition for organisations who are taking orders online and/or over the phone. The blended dataset will enable users to select the correct address quickly and easily, thus preventing irritation or abandonment of shopping cart, whilst removing duplicate information that could cause differences within your data.

Read more about the importance of data cleansing.

Royal Mail PAF Multiple Residence Address Data


The following datasets are a selection of what is also available. Please CONTACT US for the full list.



International data sets for many countries, including Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey data available including AddressBase Premium.



Access to 1.8 million UK postcodes and 30 million residential and business addresses including Not Yet Built and Multiple Residence.


Office of National Statistics (ONS)

National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) dataset with extra data such as Grid References.


Companies House

Company information from Companies House, including registered office address, filing history, accounts and annual return.