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Flexible address validation and address cleansing solutions


with our flexible address validation and address cleansing solutions


Accuracy, Support and Knowledge are at the heart of everything we do at Hopewiser.

We provide accurate global address validation and data cleansing services and software. Suitable for organisations of all sizes, our address software is fast, robust and easy to use.

Our rules-based solutions and services intelligently assess and match each address – that’s why we’re trusted by High Street Banks, Police Forces, and major Sports organisations.

The support we provide to our customers is backed by the specialists that have written much of the software in-house. This means you get access to their expertise. Our customers regularly praise the support team for its speed of service and problem solving capabilities.



Want to find out more?

When we created the first address data software back in 1982, we were the only Royal Mail Value Added Reseller in the UK. The knowledge we have acquired and the sheer amount of data we have processed in that time, sets us apart from everyone else in the market. So if we do things a little differently from others, it might be because we have information they don’t.

Whether you are using our cloud based solutions, standalone software or bureau services, we are here to help you and tailor solutions to meet your needs. We also provide integrations for Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Salesforce, IBM Websphere and a WooCommerce WordPress plug-in.



In 1982 Hopewiser became the first company in the UK to provide Addressing Software, Bureau & Consultancy services based around the Royal Mail PAF. We do not compromise on performance, offering the best quality at a competitive price.


Address Validation

Fast, accurate UK & International address and postcode lookup powered by the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). CRM integrations and additional datasets available.


Data Cleansing

Powerful address data cleansing, which utilises the extensive in-house knowledge, the latest technology and third-party data sources available, to ensure data hygiene.


Data Quality Services

A range of professional data services to ensure that your records are accurate and can be used to build your business


Email Validation

Email validation services to cleanse and optimise your email database contacts and have a better relationship with your customers.


Bank Validation

Reduce fraud by checking data at the point of entry with our fast, accurate and flexible solution.

Ordnance Survey

Find Your Nearest

a simple but effective Geographical Information System. Using various grid-reference files, it quickly and accurately reports the nearest reference points to a given postcode.


You can cleanse and validate data in three ways with Hopewiser



Maintenance Free Address Validation. Updated Daily. Access to UK PAF, Multiple Residence, Eircode and International data.

Free access to easy CRM integrations, Rest API & Javascript client.

Management Tool with free detailed usage reports and autorenew.

Handy help guides and videos.

Simple, fast and accurate online data cleansing tool.

Latest sources: PAF, Deceased, Goneaway, MPS and TPS.

Secure by design. Guaranteed secure data transfer and storage.



No limitations. Use the software for Multiple lookups or cleanses. More cost effective for large users.

Bespoke. Ability to tailor the software for a more bespoke user experience.

Ideal for Sensitive Data and Compliance. Data on site.

Works On Many Platforms. Includes a Developer’s Kit.


Professional Services

Access to data consultants, product specialists, data project management, integration specialists.

Knowledge to assist/run projects to make the most of your data or help you to integrate solutions.

Bespoke service for more complex requirements including consolidation. (Single Source of Truth).

Identify data problems and match the solution to rectify the issue.

FREE Postcode Address File for Charities and the Public Sector

Did you know, if your organisation is a UK based Charity or a community interest company with an income of less than £10million you may be eligible to access the Postcode Address File for Free?

To get free access you need to complete the registration form here.


PLUS.. eligible public sector organisations can access the PAF, Multiple Residence and Not Yet Built data for FREE!

To check if your organisation is eligible for a Public Sector Licence click on here.


"After looking at a number of suppliers for address management solutions, we chose Hopewiser because they can deliver on our requirements and provide the service at a keen price."

Polly Lunn, JLA

"Outsourcing the data management processes to Hopewiser means that the job can be done in days as opposed to months. We have saved time and money using Hopewiser - and have greatly enhanced the reliability of our data."

Mark Packman, CEO, Matrix Telematics

"Hopewiser solutions just work. They deliver a cost effective service without any issues."

Jeff Wilson, Head of IT, Scottish Friendly

"We have worked successfully with Hopewiser for many years. Using their software has saved a significant amount of money on inaccurate deliveries of goods, returned mailings and brand reputation.”

Paul Chorley, Project Delivery Manager, RFU

"Hopewiser are one of the most helpful suppliers we have come across, issues are responded to as a matter of priority by their tech team. They have various modules for integration with other systems and were happy to add additional coding to the CRM module which was required by us due to our using a very old version."

Jacci Broomhead, Systems Admin, DBA

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