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Ordnance Survey Retail Case Study.

Case Study | 3 min read

Ordnance Survey Retail Case Study


This retail organisation deliver their luxury specialised shopping experiences to a wide range of consumers on an international scale and have been a client of Hopewiser for a few years.

With a high volume of consumers looking to purchase their goods and services online and in physical stores around the world, they need robust and reliable data to ensure their address data is accurate and up-to-date.

Their goal is to continue to grow by tapping into new markets, attract new customers, maintain partner relationships and improve the overall performance of their organisation.

The firm wanted to have full visibility of their data for every aspect of the business. They required enhanced information in order to send their contractors to accurate units so they can fulfil their duty and deliver services to the correct addresses on time and without delay.


Hopewiser provided this client with our Ordnance Survey data file which included a bespoke collection of trustworthy datasets to help meet their requirements. It includes UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) data which is essential for bringing property and address information together and contains information about buildings ranging from residential to commercial.

We also provided them with AddressBase Premium data and our Address Lookup software. AddressBase Premium data provides up-to-date addresses, cross references and other information relating to an address at all stages of its existence. It included information regarding provisional (proposed planning developments), and historic (demolished properties or property where the address has changed) address data.

Our Address Lookup software enabled the retail organisation to seamlessly integrate address search capabilities into their own online systems alongside AddressBase Premium data. Address Lookup provided the client’s customers with the ability to quickly and accurately find their correct address when it is entered into the software.


AddressBase Premium data helped the retail organisation identify patterns within their existing database, shape their operations, interact with their customer base and enabled them to streamline delivery processes.

This client was able to obtain a higher volume of accurate information relating to address data and its classifications which lead to up-to-date and accurate co-ordinates, helping them to improve their operational efficiency, planning and decision making.

Thanks to Hopewiser’s Ordnance Survey data file, this retail firm were able to gain a comprehensive view of their address data granting them with sufficient information to understand their data in greater detail and remain a highly competitive organisation in the retail industry.



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