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Ordnance Survey Finance Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

Ordnance Survey Finance Case Study.


This client organisation is a large financial institute, centred in the UK, who have done business with Hopewiser for over 10 years now. They provide financial products and services to individuals and businesses in Europe, Asia and America and therefore have a need to access high quality information.

They store and process large quantities of personal data and address information and were looking for a way to get enhanced data.

The firm were looking to utilise Hopewiser’s Ordnance Survey data file to be able to link their address data, improve the overall quality of their service and improve efficiency to continue providing for their own clients.

They required up-to-date and accurate address data and property information in order to maintain relationships with customers and have a clean database to help them make important decisions.


Hopewiser discussed with the firm our Ordnance Survey data file and so we provided them with UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) data to help with grid referencing, and EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) data for additional information relating to buildings and addresses.

UPRNs relate to all kinds of buildings, even those without a ‘postal’ address. UPRN data helped the firm bring together property and address information and highlighted other addressable locations. It is a dataset which is allocated by Local Authorities whose duty is to maintain its accuracy which makes it a trustworthy source of information.

EPC data was provided as an extra source of information which included a summary of the energy efficiency of buildings in certain postal areas.

Hopewiser also supplied the firm with in-house data cleanse and verification services for enhanced address data and the AddressBase Premium dataset so they could link to other UPRN data sources they have.

AddressBase Premium data contains a variety of information relating to an address at different stages of its development. This enabled the organisation to highlight patterns within their data and improve the management of their addresses.


Hopewiser’s Ordnance Survey data file enabled the organisation to access enhanced information about the many areas they provide their service to and the properties within it. The data was able to be seamlessly integrated into their planning and management processes, saving them time and reducing costs.

By linking EPC to UPRN data, the organisation were able to check the enery performance of various properties which in turn impacted their decisions when looking to drive sustainable growth for their clients. They were able to analyse different addresses and the data provided gave them greater confidence in their operations.

The organisation greatly improved their planning processes thanks to the matching of UPRNs with EPCs. The firm were able to model forecasts for certain areas, identify trends and come up with cost effective solutions.

AddressBase Premium data uncovered information about addresses throughout the property lifecycle and enabled them to visualise certain areas, allowing them to use accurate information and insights to meet the needs of their clients.



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