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Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)

Found in Ordnance Survey's AddressBase products, UPRN is a unique numeric identifier assigned to over 42 million addressable locations in Great Britain.


A Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is a numeric code used to identify a location at any stage of its existence. A UPRN has been assigned to over 42 million locations in Great Britain relating to buildings, properties, or even objects which don’t have a regular address like a bus shelter.

You can perform lookups on our Online Portal using PAF and AddressBase or AddressBase Premium. Watch this demonstration to see our AtlasCapture Client in action, gathering UPRN data.


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Efficient Reporting

Correctly Identify Properties

UPRNs provide an accurate and consistent reference for identifying individual properties. Doing so removes ambiguity and uncertainty and helps to differentiate properties of all sizes and purposes.


Easier Data Transfers

UPRNs provide a consistent standard for property information when it is shared between organisations. This makes data transfer processes more streamlined, efficient and contain less errors.


Enhanced Data Accuracy

UPRNs are up-to-date and reliable records of property and locations. They provide an added layer of detail to an organisation's address data, which will help vital services such as those in healthcare and insurance.

atlas dedupe

Improved Analysis and Planning

As an accurate source of information, UPRNs enable analysts to better understand the infrastructure and condition of property. Gathering such data supports decision-making and resource distribution.


Gain Reliable Insights

UPRNs provide important data insights relating to property and land. Researchers and analysts are able to assess demographic trends, housing patterns and other aspects relating to housing and planning.


Q: How Can A UPRN Help Me?

A: A UPRN makes it possible to accurately link data to the correct property. It can drive decision making during property planning and development phases and help to spot trends amongst properties for organisations providing area-specific services. Register for an account on our Online Portal to enhance your data today or contact us for more information.

Q: Do I Need To Add UPRNs To My Address Data?

A: No, UPRNs don’t need to be added to your address data. But once you have a UPRN for an address, it becomes easier to cross reference it against other data you have. The Central Government however, have mandated that the UPRN is standard for new public sector projects, services or systems whch use property or street information.

Q: What Other Data Can I Use UPRNs With?

A: On our online Portal the AddressBase Premium dataset includes UPRN data as well as extra data such as Grid References, UDPRN, USRN and Status Flags. The Royal Mail PAF plus OS Open (AddressBase) data includes UPRNs and extra data like UDPRN, Grid References, NHS codes and Local Authority Name.

Q: Why Is A UPRN Important?

A: A UPRN enhances address accuracy and provides consistent property data. Of all the data transfer and information happening during the lifecycle of property, UPRNs are the one piece of information that remains the same.

Q: Where Do UPRNs Come From?

A: UPRNs are assigned by Ordnance Survey and local authorities. They are included in Ordnance Survey AddressBase products, while local authorities allocate UPRNs as well as numbers and names to streets and buildings.

Accuracy: Our rules-based solutions and services intelligently assess and match each address – that’s why our accuracy is trusted by High Street Banks, Police Forces, and commercial organisations of all sizes.
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The following datasets are a selection of what is also available. Please CONTACT US for the full list.



International data sets for many countries, including Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey data available including AddressBase Premium.


Office of National Statistics (ONS)

National Statistics Postcode Directory (NSPD) dataset with extra data such as Grid References.


Companies House

Company information from Companies House, including registered office address, filing history, accounts and annual return