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Charity Sector Can Improve Their Data In 3 Simple Steps

blog | 3 min read

Data Improvements For The Charity Sector

For many charities, the time and resources needed to collect, analyse and implement data cleansing strategies can seem like a daunting task and an unaffordable luxury. It may seem overwhelming to fundraisers to deal with the sheer amount of data that exists.

It’s amazing how much data even the smallest charity deals with on a daily basis. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated. The best place to start, is to focus in on what data you have access to or could easily collect. Then follow these three simple steps:-

1. Get a Free Data Audit

If you’re unsure about the accuracy of your customer data and whether it’s compliant, the good news is that completing an audit to find out is straightforward. There are a number of tools out there offering free data audits. So whether you choose an online or bureau service you can get a data-quality audit completely free.

The audit can check against movers, goneaways, mailing and telephone preference services. Plus, this year, cleaning your data against the deceased data is obviously very important.

2. Access the Postcode Address File for Free

Address validation, verified by the Royal Mail Postcode Address File, ensures the address entered is the right one. It will give you confidence when your fund raising message goes out, it will arrive in the right place. There are many ready made solutions to choose from, but to get the best return on your valuable customer address data, we recommend you validate against a rules-based solution, to intelligently assess each address element and return the most accurate match.


If your organisation is a UK based Charity or a community interest company with an income of less than £10million you may be eligible to access the Postcode Address File for Free.  This means your costs will be even cheaper as you are only paying for access to the ready made solution. To get free access you need to complete the registration form here.

3. Download a ready made solution in minutes

Address validation solutions can be built into your existing systems easily. Plug-ins and integrations mean that your online systems can be quickly and simply updated. Or you can even download a solution to your personal desktop. There is no reason for you or your customers to enter their own unverified addresses in 2021.

Since 1982, Hopewiser has enabled many charities to enhance their data accuracy and effectively reduce their costs.

For more information about Data Accuracy you can download this FREE guide which discusses the pitfalls some organisations have come across and gives real examples of where inaccurate data has had a detrimental effect. You will gain practical advice on how you can eradicate bad data and the guide explains the logical, sensible way to approach the data cleaning process, which minimises your cost.

, updated 15th February 2023.