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Data Quality Assessment

Data Quality Assessment

Data is your organisation’s most important asset.

To reduce risks and costs of inaccurate and inconsistent data, Hopewiser can assist you with Data Quality Assessment services which will support and manage the data part of your wider technical or marketing programs.

The Hopewiser assessment service identifies inconsistencies and duplicates by validating against an agreed set of criteria and using the highest quality dataset providers.

The output report details data quality metrics and supports you in planning both cleansing, deduplication and enriching data programs.

Hopewiser data assessment services together with our tool sets reduces the requirements for future address cleansing and deduplication projects and manages your data on an ongoing basis.

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Hopewiser’s end to end data services can manage the entire data element of a wider software implementation program.

Hopewiser can also support you on a second phase of data manipulation, for example, if you choose to run an initial deduplication process on the data, Hopewiser can further manipulate the data to cleanse and validate the address, name and other bespoke datasets, including checking against movers and deceased.

Whether your challenge is single or multiple datasets, requiring a refresh and enrichment to enable accurate sales, marketing, customer service and analytics, or if your project requires amalgamation, cleansing, validating and enriching for global transformation and implementation of Master Data Management (MDM) systems, Hopewiser can help you.

Manual data entry highlights the variation in data formatting, spelling, inconsistencies and inaccuracies. When the same customer record is entered into multiple systems this brings more of a challenge for your company in maintaining, not only accurate datasets, but consistency across platforms.

With address validation tools in place, most web purchases enable your clients to validate their data to ensure they receive their goods at their address, however, we understand that maintaining and enriching this data continuously, sets challenges for all organisations.

Validation through marketing channels support and enhance the data that you capture and maintain, yet we know not all clients will inform you when their circumstances change. (In fact movers on average only inform five organisations!). Hopewiser’s tools and services can identify changes in your customers’ circumstances and support datasets across a multi-platform environment.

Whether you require data assessment, data cleansing and management services for specific programs, transformation projects, or management of data on an ongoing basis at point of data entry…


Outsourcing the data management processes to Hopewiser means that the job can be done in days as opposed to months. We have saved time and money using Hopewiser and have greatly enhanced the reliability of our data.

Mark Packman, CEO, Matrix