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D365 Life Without Code

News | 2 min read

New Partner Announcement

Hopewiser Ltd is proud to announce a new partnership with D365 Life Without Code, a specialist Microsoft Dynamics consultancy born out of a passion for CRM / Sales databases and a drive to achieve functional efficiencies with no code and low code approaches.

The team at D365 Life Without Code have a long track record of successful client projects within Dynamics and have been working with the platform since version 1.

“As a company our goal is to streamline our clients’ workflows and processes through intuitive use of software and a suite of well-balanced complimentary services in order to reduce time, effort and cost and that is why we have partnered with Hopewiser, as we believe their products complement Dynamics to the benefit of our customers.” says Ben Ablett, Head of Sales and Marketing, D365 Life Without Code.

The partnership with D365 Life Without Code means their customers will be able to quickly capture an accurate and complete address from either a postcode or partial address within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and verify against the Royal Mail Postcode Address File which is updated daily. Their customers will also be able to choose additional datasets to extend their capabilities. For example, Multiple Residence data, Companies House, and Not Yet Built.

“We look forward to working with D365 Life Without Code on what we believe will be a mutually beneficial partnership, and one which we are confident will go from strength to strength.” says Mike Osbaldeston, Business Development Manager, Hopewiser.

, updated 27th January 2021.