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sport and leisure industry

Email Validation for Sport and Leisure Industry

Improve targeted marketing efforts, ensure ROI and maintain a clean contact database


We have worked alongside a range of businesses in the Sports and Leisure sector, each with different requirements. Accurate email address data is vital to managing customers, operating efficiently, and effective communication. Hopewiser’s Email Address Validation service is available through two methods.

The first is a bulk service where we deal with large quanities of data at once, which is ideal for online services and managing membership lists.

We also offer a point of contact service on our portal where emails are validated individually. This can be used by sports clubs to ensure e-tickets are sent to valid email addresses and verifying address details used in sign up stages.

Sports and Leisure is a growing industry, with the rapid expansion of e-sports and widespread lifestyle changes to health and well-being influencing the way organisations operate.

It is expected that 63.2% of people aged 16 and above will participate in a sport or physical activity by 2024, suggesting that there will be a greater need for data management.

There has been a surge in tourism in the UK post-pandemic, encouraging more attraction and visitors to leisure sites and sport events.

Worth around £120bn, the leisure sector has seen a consistent growth in consumer spending as people prefer to spend money on experiences rather than tangible goods.

Benefits of Email Address Validation


Send Targeted Communications

Ensure your messages are accurately distributed to recipients whilst minimising bouncebacks and undelivered emails. This increases your sender reputation and builds stronger relationships with clients.


Improve Customer Onboarding

Send marketing campaigns to valid email addresses to improve ROI, generate more leads to your organisation and generate a higher customer conversion rate.

Efficient Reporting

Comply With GDPR

Clean the email addresses in your database to ensure you remain compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR and avoid fines and damaging your reputation.

Increased Sales Conversion

Save Time and Money

Valuable business resources are saved by ensuring information you store is accurate and up-to-date. You will save time by only engaging with verified contacts and you also reduce the risk of receiving spam complaints and being blacklisted.


Optimised Database

By validating emails your contact database is strengthened and fit for use. Accurate data provides better insights into the market and allows you to make the best decisions for your business and drive sales.


Our point of contact Email Validation service checks emails individually, and provides a status on their validity. This is a quick and easy method which can be adopted by businesses that provide online services.

Bulk Email Validation can be adopted for marketing purposes as it can check addresses before a campaign is sent out, providing the best results possible, including reduced bouncebacks and higher click through rates.

Email Validation enables you to keep in touch with ex-members, so you can ask for a review or update them about your business. It can also ensure purchased tickets reach the right email address, improving the customer experience and reducing mistargeting.

There are many ways Email Validation can help businesses, whether your addresses need checking in bulk or individually, we can ensure that your data will be optimised, helping you to achieve ROI, save resources and improve communication with customers.

Some Of The Clients We Have Worked With

Other Solutions For You

Our Address Lookup tool is available as a cloud service or built into our standalone software. It can also be integrated into your existing web or CRm system.

The solution involves checking your address data against the most up to date sources and making corrections where needed. This benefits operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Features Of Email Address Validation


Seamlessly embed into your own, chosen applications providing flexbility and adaptability

Reduces Cart Abandonment

It is a secure service, using encryption and other measures to protect the information submitted into your system

Reports from an email address can be copied and pasted into any chosen application


The service checks format, syntax, domain, DNS and mailbox are valid, covering all areas of an email address


Our Find Your Nearest solution is simple but effective, providing geographical data in a moments notice. It gives organisations the ability to find records based on their distance from a given point, using geocoding. This influences business decisions, saves time and money and helps to predict trends.

Find Your Nearest can be integrated onto your businesses website or application and enables your customers to locate nearby strores and venues, see how far away they are from you, and any barriers along the way that might cause a diversion.