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Address Cleanse dev doc. AtlasCapture. Buy house, real estate concept, different offers of property online. AtlasList desktop client



  • Data capture is the start of your clean data process. Get this right and you can save yourself time, money and effort later.
  • AtlasCapture is an advanced, flexible data capture tool based upon over 30 million delivery points held in the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF).
  • It enables the user to capture a complete and accurate address from a postcode and premise number or partial address, even if the postcode is unknown or the address is misspelt.
  • It can be easily integrated through pre-built integrations or APIs and includes a Developer’s Kit for Windows and Unix.
  • A full User Manual is available upon request.


  • Retrieves full-premise and sub-premise information (e.g. flats, apartments) from a postcode or a partial address.
  • Captures the correct address where data is incomplete or hard to read. When an accurate and complete address cannot be immediately identified it provides a selection of closest matches at premise, street and locality level.
  • List-based functionality allows the user to input from a single-line and navigate through the potential address matches.
  • Uses the latest and most powerful cross-matching and pick list technology.
  • Powerful gazetteer system enables the user to manipulate their search criteria to maximise scrutiny of addresses.
  • Sends addresses directly to standard Windows applications such as Word or Excel.
  • Can be used to accurately capture addresses through web applications.
  • Address format is defined by the user allowing addresses to comply with existing systems and databases.
  • Address labels can be returned in a variety of formats including Royal Mail standard and British Standard 7666.
  • Allows extra data fields to be captured in addition to names and addresses so that all information can be recorded and stored.
  • Allows user to interactively match against multiple address files.
  • Hopewiser has the ability to take different data sources and put behind our products e.g., merge AddressBase, Postcode Address File and Full Electoral Roll.


  • Saves time by rapidly producing a full and accurate address.
  • Reduces costs and increases efficiency and productivity with less input time.
  • Reduces the possibility of fraud by ensuring the validity of customer addresses.
  • Improves accuracy by correctly capturing data.
  • Improves and maintains corporate image with an accurate database.
  • Saves money by reducing the number of postal returns on mailings.