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Ordnance Survey Logistics Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

Ordnance Survey Logistics Case Study.


One of the UK’s top logistics firm have been a client of Hopewiser for over 5 years. They are one of the leading organisations in logistics, providing services including business mail and parcels.

They have a huge demand for their business and are the driver for increased competition offering tracked services and e-fulfilment, known best for their quality and accuracy of deliveries.

But like many businesses, it was looking to improve how they operate and grow their profits. They wanted to focus on saving time, with less errors in the distribution and delivery processes and making the experience from an initial click to the final delivery quicker.

Their drivers had previously experienced difficulties finding the correct address to deliver to which consumed time, harmed their reputation and decreased the total amount of orders they could fulfil.

The organisation were seeking a cost-effective and robust solution, using data which has helped logistics firms before. Hopewiser have in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry and have worked alongside similar clients.

Hopewiser offered them our Ordnance Survey data file which contains reliable data which is highly precise and includes UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number), co-ordinates, classifications and links to other OS products via key identifiers.


Hopewiser provided the logistics firm with AddressBase Core which enabled them to access UPRNs and USRNs (Unique Street Reference Numbers) to represent the most up-to-date and accurate property and street location information.

AddressBase Core provides approved addressing records for England, Wales and Scotland based on Local Authority holdings of the NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer) and OSG (One Scotland Gazetteer). Other attributes of this dataset include property level co-ordinates and secondary level classifications which detail detailing the use and type of address.

AddressBase Core’s primary source of addressing information is local authority data who have a legal obligation to capture and maintain address data for Great Britain, so this Logistics firm were reassured of it’s authenticity and legal nature.


As a result of Hopewiser’s Ordnance Survey data being supplied, the Logistics firm delivery drivers felt more confident and empowered in their delivery services as they knew they were using accurate data from a reliable source. They were able to navigate swiftly through streets, greatly reducing the average time of order to delivery and complete more jobs.

Through data matching, cross-referencing and geospatial solutions, the organisation were able to efficiently plan their logistical decisions and meet customer expectations as they had access to the correct address, every time. This improved their reputation greatly and gave customers peace of mind that their requests would be met.

Every year, businesses lose out on millions of pounds due to lost, inaccurate and late deliveries but thanks to the Ordnance Survey data Hopewiser provided this client with, opportunities were created to increase delivery slots, save costs and improve the organisations own bottom line.



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