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Movers & Goneaways

Latest Movers & Goneaways

Run your data against trusted files to remove the inaccurate address data so you aren’t wasting time and money sending potentially sensitive material to the wrong address.

According to the ONS, in the 12-month period to mid-2020, an estimated 3.2 million people moved between local authorities in the UK, a decrease in internal migration of 11.5% on the previous year (3.7 million to mid-2019). This figure will no doubt rise given we have now moved out of the pandemic.

It is also estimated more than 10% of the population move home every year in the UK. Between the ages of 18 and 30, people are likely to move the most, so there is a high probability that if you have a large database of consumers, some of them are no longer living where you think they are.



Improved ROI on your Marketing Campaigns

One of the most compelling arguments for having accurate data is the cost. When you add the cost of mailing and postage, together with the cost of producing leaflets or catalogues, the cost starts to escalate. If you are planning on following up the mailing campaign with phone calls, you can add in staff costs and telephone charges. When that is multiplied across a sizeable database, and multiplied again by a number of mailing campaigns, it is clear that removing goneaways earlier could represent a substantial saving.


Improve business analysis and decisions

With accurate data your you will be able to review customer behaviour and gain actionable insight. There is a serious confidence issue surrounding the data provided to senior management, but this can easily spread to other parts of the organisation. Data should be one of your most valuable assets, but if it stops delivering results and data users become aware of inconsistencies and inaccuracies, then the value of this asset falls dramatically.


Increase productivity and service levels

Good-quality data allows staff to be more productive. Instead of spending time validating and fixing data errors, they can focus on their core mission. Plus when you understand your customers better and you can confidently manipulate sales and product data, your data should be suggesting new routes to market, new products, as well as revealing new opportunities. This is only possible with reliable data.




Goneaway Suppression file is validated across multiple, trusted sources. To find if any of your customers have moved and identifying forwarding addresses.



Re-Mover is a goneaway data suppression file which contains details for more than 90 per cent of home movers in the UK.



Purifi Suppression launched in 2015 the DBS Purifi suppression file contains twelve million goneaway records.



Gone-away file - Powered by Zoopla Property Group. Unique and exclusive data source that identifies home moves as they happen.


You can cleanse addresses in three ways with Hopewiser



Simple, fast and accurate online data cleansing tool

Latest sources: PAF, Deceased, Goneaway, MPS and TPS.

User friendly wizard to guide you through.

Free summary report before deciding to pay. Price starts from £30.

Secure by design. Guaranteed secure data transfer and storage.



No limitations. More cost effective for large data users and high frequency cleansing. More deduplication options.

Increased abilities. Manual data cleansing options. Easy to setup as part of a larger workflow.

Bespoke. Ability to tailor the software for a more bespoke user experience.

Ideal for Sensitive Data and Compliance. Data on site.

Works On Many Platforms. Includes a Developer’s Kit.


Professional Services

Access to data consultants, product specialists, data project management, integration specialists.

Knowledge to assist/run projects to make the most of your data or help you to integrate solutions.

Bespoke service for more complex requirements including consolidation. (Single Source of Truth).

Identify data problems and match the solution to rectify the issue.

Data analysis and enrichment projects.