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  • Customer data rarely stays accurate for long through natural data decay, duplicates created by multiple databases and change of customer circumstance. We offer an online express Address Cleanse service and Bureau Services

  • Get address validation, data enhancement and data cleansing including deduplication and suppressions. Flag for TPS and MPS

  • Improve your international addresses by formatting and deduplicating for UK, USA, Australia, Ireland and many other European Countries. Format the address according to the country's Postal Telephone and Telegraph (PTT) rules


Reduce wastage on your marketing spend with no more goneaways, duplicates and deceased records.

Improved Accuracy

Immediate access to the latest in-built Postcode Address File (PAF), Deceased, Goneaway files, MPS and TPS with a simple to use Online express service. Payment on-line is available up to £10,000 (incl VAT). Payment by card is available up to £10,000 (incl VAT) excluding Amex or Diners Club cards.

Enhanced Data

Improve your files by merging disparate data, reformatting into a standard layout and checking against mailing and telephone preference services.  Telephone number and name enhancement data is also available.

Customer Satisfaction

Avoid damaging your reputation and upsetting customers with incorrectly addressed mail.  Cleansed data enables more targeted marketing campaigns and an increase in ROI.

Reduced Costs

Accurate data ensures you can gain maximum discounts with the Royal Mail Bulk mailing and maximum ROI on your marketing activity. Once cleansed, you can choose to sort your data for bulk mailing.

Compliant Data

Up to date files help to ensure compliance with GDPR legislation which is coming into force May 2018. Now is the time to get your data cleansed against existing suppression files.

Which addressing tool is right for me?

Web Based

Web Based

Register online and securely upload data to instantly cleanse and suppress your files. Pay as you go with access to the latest inbuilt Postcode Address File (PAF), Deceased, Goneaway files, MPS and TPS. Payment on-line is available up to £10,000 (incl VAT). Payment by card is available up to £10,000 (incl VAT) excluding Amex or Diners Club cards. Free analysis of a sample of your data before you choose to pay and generate your report.

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Installed Software

Installed Software

Automatically verify, cleanse and correct large quantities of address data to ensure optimum accuracy. A powerful suite of software for frequent batch cleansing of large databases. It adds missing address elements, works with partially formatted addresses and can enhance data by adding customer lifestyle data, Mailsort and electoral ward codes.

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Bureau Service

Bureau Service

Bespoke service to improve and enhance your data to get maximum mailing discounts on your own database without the expense of new software and staff training. Bureau Services will work as consultants so you can tailor the Cleanse to your specification. Ideal for large quantities of data, database conversion and International address clean-up.

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Other Solutions

Address Lookup

Accurately capture and validate address data with instant access to free downloadable software. Register for a free trial and get 10 free clicks. You can add optional extra data such as International Data, Names, Grid References. Daily Postcode Address Files updates. Pay As You Go – no contract, no commitment.

Bulk Mailing

Save significant amounts of money on your bulk mailings and gain maximum Royal Mail discounts with our bulk mailing software. On larger quantities and/or heavier weight mailings you may be able to save up to 30% of your postage bill using our bespoke Mailsort system.

Data Cleansing

Handle your data securely. No more goneaways, duplicates or deceased records. Simple to use, with immediate access to data cleansing software. Try before you buy with a free sample report. Prices start from £35.

Payment Validation

Inaccurate capture of a bank account sort code or account number can lead to issues with fraud, late payments and lost customers. With Payment Validation, users have the ability to check the validity of bank account numbers in conjunction with the Banks’ sort codes.