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Property Consultancy Case Study

Case Study | 6 min read

Property Consultancy Case Study


The Client is an independent property consultancy, managing a multi-billion pound property portfolio and employing over 500 people across the UK.

They initially approached Hopewiser after identifying a need for address data in specific locations. The requirement was to provide a list of all the addresses in a small, defined geographical area. This was to help them market a public exhibition for residents in relation to a major housing development scheme, which the Client was providing planning advice for.


During discussions, we decided a bespoke project was the best approach and called upon our Bureau team to do the job. AtlasList was the chosen solution, which produces address lists from the reference dataset according to the search criteria. List creations support full or partial postcode, street, town, and county.

This is particularly useful for various marketing purposes, including targeted direct mail campaigns, with accurate data verified against the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF). It also saves you time and money by ensuring unwanted addresses are not used.

The first project collated a list of approximately 720 dwellings and addresses. This was a relatively easy task, and took our experienced Bureau Manager very little time to complete. A common misconception about bespoke work is that it’s very expensive. Whilst this can be the reality in more complex cases, it largely depends on the scale of the project. This one in particular was done at a very reasonable price.


The Client was very pleased with the work as it enabled them to send leaflets about the exhibition to the necessary addresses. This was important because the residents in the area needed to see, be made aware of, and have the opportunity to ask the property developers any questions.

They were also really impressed with the speed of our turnaround, from enquiry to delivery. Subsequently, Hopewiser completed another project with similar requirements for them.

“The address data provided by Hopewiser’s solution is just what we required. Their assistance has been fantastic. Thank you, once again.”

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