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AtlasList is a tool which produces address lists from the reference dataset accessed according to your search criteria, for example, all addresses from the Royal Mail Postcode File (PAF) in a particular geographic area. This can be particularly useful for various marketing purposes including targeted direct mailing campaigns.


  • Radius searches (e.g., find all addresses within a specified radius of either postcode or grid reference).
  • Supports the following types of list creation: – Full or partial Postcode, Street, Town, County.
  • Negative filtering (e.g. everything except banks in area).
  • Filtering through certain fields (e.g. street name, house name).
  • Distinction between businesses and residential.
  • Several different area searches can be performed in succession using a simple text file.


  • Saves money by creating your own mailing lists in-house.
  • Saves time and money by ensuring that only valid address data is used.
  • Ensures all your target mail is accurate and up to date by using current properties from the Royal Mail’s PAF (or an alternative reference file, if desired).
  • Can also utilise new, changed, or deleted PAF subset reference data highlighting differences between sequential PAF quarterly release data.
  • Extremely easy to use.