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Consumer Safety Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

Consumer Safety Case Study

A national organisation working for consumer safety wanted to redesign their website so that consumers could find a registered installation service close to them.

They also wanted to be able to find accurate addresses easily on their CRM so that queries can be actioned quickly and effectively. The solution should be reliable and scalable, whilst keeping an eye on value for money.

The Solution

Hopewiser recommended, a postcode and address search and validation solution, which included local authority data. The solution needed to be suitable for their website’s “Find by Postcode” page and to be able to hook into Microsoft Dynamics (MSD) CRM easily. The organisation had already commissioned a new website and their web developers needed the ability to load in a database which included all the different trades and plot these against postcodes.

Hopewiser recommended Longitude and Latitude data so that their website developers could plot the different registered traders against relevant postcodes.

The proposed solution was provided via the Hopewiser Portal, which offers fast access to pay per click address lookup tools. It includes a wide range of APIs and plug-ins for their website forms and a Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration kit in the developer toolkit. It also has the option to add additional datasets such as Ordnance Survey and Irish Eircode data.


The Result

This company chose Hopewiser because it was able to provide all the different aspects to the job, from postcode verification; MSD CRM integration; through to the geocoding details and Irish data. Some providers were quoting large sums of money to integrate into MSD CRM but Hopewiser’s integrated plug-in is free. The company just pay for “lookup click bundles”. This means they have fast access to pay per click address lookup tools which includes daily Postcode Address File (PAF) updates and a powerful Online Management Tool for auto renewal and detailed reporting of usage.

The new website means the company are giving an end-to-end information service. Consumers can now self-serve by finding the registered trades that are the most relevant and local to them. This has saved significant amounts of time for the customer service team, meaning they are freed up to deal with other queries and business matters.

Our website stores a lot of information and took a lot of planning, to ensure we provide the very best for both our consumers and registered traders. Having an Address Lookup tool integrated into our system means we have saved on valuable customer service effort and time.”

, updated 12th April 2023.