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How to NOT Lose Track

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Keep Track Of Your Customers By Following These 5 Tips

Keeping track of your customers can be difficult, especially when you have a million and one other things to do. Let’s see, there’s optimising your website, updating your product line, devising a marketing strategy, the list just goes on and on.

If you’re lacking inspiration or have exhausted previous methods, follow these top five tips below, and watch your business fly.

1. Check your data against mover files

People move home all the time, and sadly but inevitably, we all die eventually. In an era where data legislation is king, it’s imperative that you clean your data regularly to ensure that your customers’ addresses and living status are kept up-to-date. Mailing to customers who have either moved house, or unfortunately passed away, isn’t going to do your brand image any favours.

2. Use payment validation software to reduce the risk of fraud

Are you sick of hearing about bank account hackings? So are we. Payment validation will help your business to reduce the risk of fraud by checking the bank account number and sort code at the point of entry. Using correct data helps to avoid erroneous payments, and will give your customers peace of mind when they purchase from you. If your business generates a reputation for payment errors, some of your customers may be prompted to shop elsewhere. Competitors-1, You-0.

3. Ensure your potential customers aren’t registered with preference services

Some people, both consumers and businesses, wish to reduce the amount of marketing they receive, and therefore, register with the Mailing (MPS), Telephone (TPS), and Corporate Telephone (CTPS) Preference Services. It’s vital that you clean your database with a data cleansing tool to highlight which of your customers are registered with these services.

4. Incorporate an address and postcode finder into your website

It may seem blatantly obvious, but do you know for fact how accurate your address and postcode lookup tool is? Using inaccurate address data will not only heighten the risk of mailing to the wrong address, but making repeated mistakes will only frustrate more and more of your customers, and will eventually push them into the arms of your competitors.

5. Increase your level of customer service

Incorporating the aforementioned tips into your 2019 business plan will help you to keep track of your customers and not lose out on sales due to silly mistakes. After all, the world of business is a competitive one and it’s your prerogative to do everything you can to ensure that it’s you who pockets your customers’ money and not someone else! Customer loyalty is so in at the moment, and we doubt very much that it will be out any time soon.

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, updated 11th August 2022.