Hopewiser Interview - ecommerce Show North 2018

eCommerce Show North


This week, Hopewiser attended eCommerce Show North 2018, which brings together the largest gathering of eCommerce organisations, suppliers, and vendors outside of London. Hopewiser was given the chance to be published in the post exhibition eBook, and UK General Manager, Jon, and Portal Product Manager, Amy, were both interviewed about why the company is integral to an eCommerce strategy, what challenges the business faces over the coming years, and how they manage such things as their product data in these GDPR-driven times.

The exhibition provided a fruitful experience of networking with other eCommerce organisations and emphasising how important such things as addresses and cleansing customer databases actually are. Data is your most valuable business asset, therefore, it's imperative that you keep on top of it. The following Q&A indicates how you can achieve good, clean, and compliant data.


1. What will be the key challenges to your business in the next 5 years?

The key challenges will be the continual drive by all the business to ensure our clients reduce costs in their data management processes and help companies achieve return on investment whilst focussing on quality. Quality and accuracy seems to have been ignored more since the arrival of Google, where the most popular answer is expected, rather than the correct one. Hopewiser’s software can allow minimal input by the user, but we would rather not guess at an answer. We will bring an accurate match rather than a fuzzy match.

Alongside this, the addressing arena is a mature market, so we need to find new markets to go alongside our current sales strategies. The increase in AI and 'bots’ could make for some challenges too, as well as offering benefits to clients.


2. How do you build and develop your brand to separate yourselves from the competition?

Hopewiser has always been a technical and innovating company, where quality and accuracy differentiate us. Alongside this we aim to support all of our clients in the way we would wanted to be supported, so if something is urgent to the client, then it should be supported in that manner, whether they are a tiny eCommerce site or a global bank. Also, being a smaller organisation with an in-house development team, we can offer rapid, bespoke development compared to our larger competitors, with full project management and an ability to meet and discuss the work with the actual developers.


3. What security risks are posed through running your business?

We hold confidential, personal, and sensitive data, but we have GDPR compliant procedures in place to mitigate the risks. The data is on a separate server, firewalled and in a locked part of the building. Processing data is automated and access is limited to certain individuals, encrypted and copyright protected.


EU flag legislation


4. How do you manage your product data?

All our data goes through a pre-process, normalisation procedures, and is merged and purged with other data. This process also includes proprietary encryption. Once the data is built it is fully tested by our QA department. The data is load balanced with servers in various locations. All our processes regarding data are secure and GDPR compliant.


5. How is your service integral to a company's eCommerce strategy?

Every eCommerce website needs an accurate address and postcode finder in order to deliver their products to the correct address. This is in addition to frequently needing a data cleansing solution that keeps their company data in order, and free of any duplicate files that build up over time. Additionally, you need to ensure your database doesn’t hold any deceased files or those who have moved (goneaways).

Hopewiser offer the whole package around quality data for eCommerce strategies. Our online services include:

  • Address Lookup which enhances the customer experience and adds value by getting the correct delivery address, as well as the potential added bonus of finding related information, such as location/grid references.

  • Address Cleanse to quickly upload data and get instant results against the latest in-built Postcode Address File (PAF), deceased records, Mailing & Telephone preference services.

Alternatively for larger more bespoke data collection and cleansing then we would recommend our installed software or a Bureau Service.


Here at Hopewiser we understand that managing your company data can be quite daunting. For expert advice on how to do this, please email marketing@hopewiser.com for your FREE copy of the Ultimate Guide to Data 2018.


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