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The Data Guide

Not too far into the past, businesses managed their data by replacing contact details in their Index Card System or updating their Filofax.  However, in today’s “big data” environment we now need to be ever more resourceful and pro-active in how we manage our data. 

We have all learnt that data quality matters for our decision-making, business efficiency and brand reputation. It is our most valuable business asset and we have to ask ourselves, “are we really taking care of it as we should?”

Customer data rarely stays accurate for long. Houses are built, people move and sadly (but inevitably), we all die.  All these things have an impact on our data.

In addition to maintaining our data accuracy we now need to consider Data Legislation and our customer’s privacy. We need to handle our data securely with honesty and respect.  Once we are able to do this we start to reap the rewards of accurate data with saved money on marketing campaigns and customers seeing us as a valued and professional company to deal with.

We’re a long way from the index card system, but as data is evolving all the time there is still a long way for us to go.  This data guide will give you a head start.


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