Identify duplicates of either consumer or business data, UK or International at both individual and property levels.

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Web Based Web Based
CRM Integration CRM Integration

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regularly removing duplicates will Optimise the Performance of Data

Deduping your database is essential to ensure your organisation is reporting, mailing and dealing with your contacts effectively.


the Benefits

Save costs with reduced duplicate mailings and achieve a greener environment with less wastage

Removing duplicates means less storage allocation and fewer records to enhance, analyse and suppress

Avoid complaints and negative PR from customers and enhance your image

Maintain an accurate, single customer view of your data to make informed business decisions

the Features

Merges multiple files into a single file. These can then be streamlined by removing duplicates.

Can deduplicate based on a combination of full address, postcode, premise, company information, name, surname, gender, initials and date of birth.

Prints reports from each pass of the data.

Categorises duplicates. Each 'pass' of the data places weighting on different elements of the input information.

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