Automatically verify, cleanse and correct large quantities of address data to ensure optimum accuracy

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are you sure that your names and addresses are Accurate?

Basing pivotal decisions on inaccurate data could be problematic. We have been data cleansing, merging and deduping for over 35 years and the key to our success is innovating and maintaining the only products on the market that guarantees improved accuracy.


the Benefits

Removes human error by correcting postcodes, misspelt or missing address elements

Improves customer services and perception of your brand

Enhances your records by apending additional data

Boost postal discounts for bulk mailings with accurate addresses

the Features

Automatically verifies data against the Royal Mail Postcode Address File

Adds missing elements to ensure address accuracy

Produces reports which detail match rates and categorise non-matched records

Ability to append Names, grid references, mail sortation codes

works With

Microsoft Dynamics

case Studies

Rugby Football Union Logo

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) has been a client since 2004 and is still very much a client today. It promotes and governs the whole of English rugby union.

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