A revolutionary set of tools for data manipulation, loading addresses and extra information to create a central control for address matching.

Available as: Installed Software Installed Software
Web Based Web Based
CRM Integration CRM Integration

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Improve access and security of a Centrally Controlled File

the Benefits

Improves convenience and security by having a centrally controlled Master Address File

Create specific, meaningful datasets without complex processes

Improves the focus on core business data for instant and long term advantages

Save time and money on storage and management of disparate data sources

the Features

Access to a variety of software solutions including the ability to have a bespoke process created. This allows a Master Address File to be created for use with other Hopewiser products.

Tools to allow creation of specific Town and Locality files, including misspellings, to increase the knowledge built within the files. Street misspellings also possible.

Ability to create non-address indices for easy access to the current or relevant address without going through address lookup processes.

Example datasets that can be loaded: AddressBase Premium, AddressBase Plus, NLPG, LLPG, CRM, Business to Business Files.

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