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What Is An Address Lookup Integration & Why Do You Need One?

blog | 6 min read

What Is An Address Lookup Integration & Why Do You Need One?

Are you losing sales on your website?

Have you ever wondered which websites convert the best, and what they’re doing right?

One thing you need to do is make sure your checkout is fast, user friendly and capturing accurate details. Your website needs to be capable of rapidly capturing address details. This helps to verify customer information, ensuring accurate delivery and reducing fraud. Integrating your ecommerce platform with address validation will enhance the customer experience and maintain data accuracy.

Now, for those already in the know about the various benefits of an address lookup integration, the above information won’t come as much of a surprise. However, for businesses who are yet to harness the power of these solutions, this blog will serve as a useful lesson.

What is an address lookup integration?

An address and postcode lookup facility enables both you and your customers to input address information correctly. This can either be within your customer relationship management (CRM) system, or on your website at the Checkout and My Account sections.

Address lookup software can be easily integrated with your ecommerce platform, through handy plug-ins that connect the two technologies together. Therefore, if your website is powered by any of the major ecommerce providers, such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, you can simply install and activate the address lookup plug-in and you’re good to go.

Why do you need one?

Every business who processes online transactions needs the ability to accurately capture addresses. By doing so, it means failed deliveries and customer issues are significantly reduced. Integrations are ideal for those who already use an ecommerce platform, but may not have the coding experience sometimes required when putting address validation on a website.

Not only does your business risk delivery errors without address verification, but there are cost implications to be aware of as well. For instance, 32% of customers expect the retailer to re-route the shipment on their behalf, if a package is sent to the wrong address. This is bad for logistics and could potentially affect profits if address-related mistakes occur repeatedly, costing you more money in the long run. An address lookup integration will mitigate this by ensuring deliveries arrive at the right location.

Hopewiser can meet all your integration needs

With years upon years of experience in the address management industry, we can help you ensure your customers’ details are captured correctly with an address lookup integration. We have a range of seamless plug-ins to suit your every need, and these can be easily be integrated on a variety of different platforms.

This will ultimately have a positive impact on the user experience during the purchasing process. For example, our AutoComplete for WooCommerce and WordPress integrations suggest the correct and matched address when a user begins typing at the Checkout and My Account sections. Cart abandonment will reduce as a result with fewer keystrokes and frustration, thus increasing sales to visitor ratios.

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