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We are thrilled to announce new additions to the Online Portal, your one stop shop for all our online services.

Address Lookup for WordPress

Now you have access to quickly capture validated addresses on your website saving keystrokes and improving accuracy.  Your web forms will be able to find addresses from partial information including postcodes.  Poorly typed and incorrect address input on your website will be a thing of the past.

You can pick a variety of reference datasets such as the UK’s Royal Mail Postcode Address File or add in Eircode, Longitude and Latitude data.

Address Lookup works in the majority of WordPress themes and modes and integrates seamlessly using a quick and easy plugin.  Download in seconds and customise as required.

To use this functionality, you will need an Address Lookup service account and a ‘live’ click bundle. To buy clicks you will need to purchase from the Shop located in our Portal.  Register/sign in to the Portal here.  Or, ASK Hopewiser via email,, or call 0161 924 2800.

Address Lookup for Salesforce

Plus, an updated Salesforce plugin which will work seamlessly with Lightning mode and Flows and Forms.  More on this next month, but if you’d like to enquire about this now just give us a call.

AND Finally…

Are you registered as a Charity or a Public Sector organisation?  If so, did you know you may be eligible for discounts on our Cloud Services?

You need to be registered with the Royal Mail/Ordnance Survey Charity/Public Sector Lists to be able to activate the discount on the Hopewiser Portal. For more information registering your organisation visit, Charity Sector or Public Sector . Alternatively, ASK Hopewiser for advice.


, updated 17th August 2022.