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Hopewiser Ltd is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Tixserve, an innovative, secure digital ticketing fulfilment platform that not only prevents fraud but transforms the live event ticketing experience for event organisers and their customers.

Tixserve is a patented, white label digital ticket delivery platform for live events. Its B2B, SaaS solution focuses on the ‘last mile’ of ticket delivery providing a next-gen, secure, white label ticketing app for its clients. The innovative solution offers rights owners, event creators, promoters and venues in the live sports, music, and entertainment sectors to securely deliver event tickets to their fans, patrons and supporters.

For event organisers, this means more control of their digital ticket assets, invaluable data insights, enhanced security & fraud prevention, and a new revenue channel via m-commerce capabilities; whilst consumers love the convenience of an interactive, content-rich digital ticket on their phone.

Tixserve clients and their customers know they have a genuine ticket, eliminating fraud and any problems in gaining access to the event. Every ticket is digitally tracked and fully traceable, so clients can follow the entire life cycle of the ticket and know exactly who’s attending their events. Tixserve prevent ticket fraud by protecting the unique QR code on every digital ticket. Clients can then decide when to activate the ticket – a week, a day, or minutes before the event. This prevents fraudulent ticket duplication and gives clients control of all aspects of the original event T&Cs – including the ability to track ticket transfers and control the re-sale of tickets.

Hopewiser’s address validation is embedded into the client’s Tixserve-powered app to validate every ticket holder’s address. This feature provides event organisers with accurate Track & Trace capabilities that enable the safe return of spectators to live events.

CTO of Tixserve, David McCarthy said: “As part of our close co-operation with UK and other Government bodies, postcode and address verification was deemed to be a must-have for the safe resumption of events in the Covid era to facilitate contact tracing by health agencies such as the NHS. Tixserve’s investigation into postcode and address validators quickly identified Hopewiser as the stand-out supplier. Since integrating the Tixserve Platform and apps with Hopewiser, the integration has been 100% reliable, resulting in extremely positive feedback from event organisers and ticket holders. Moving forward post-Covid-19, validated and clean addresses enable our clients’ marketing teams to manage their marketing spend in a more targeted and efficient manner.”


“We are already working with Tixserve to provide England Rugby with a fast and secure ticket registration process for forthcoming events and look forward to working with other Tixserve clients to help them provide similar benefits to their event-attending customers.” Mike Osbaldeston, Business Development Manager, Hopewiser.


, updated 15th February 2023.