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Hopewiser Joins Forces With KRL Consulting

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Hopewiser Joins Forces With KRL Consulting

They say two heads are better than one, and in the world of business, they couldn’t be more correct. After all, if you have two businesses working together on the same objective, you’ll have a much higher chance of achieving your end goal. Hopewiser have always believed in that philosophy. You may recall our recent blog that divulged 3 top tips on how to close skills gaps? If you didn’t, one of the tips was to outsource anything that you may be lacking or wish to improve on. Not only will this provide your business with the requisite skills it needs, but the other plus side is that it helps other businesses out too. Win, win.

Here at Hopewiser we have always believed in supporting local businesses. As an SME, we strongly maintain the value that the key to driving success is building relationships with others. Take our very first client, JD Williams, as an example. They’ve been with us since the beginning, and we still have a great relationship with them almost 37 years later. One good turn deserves another, as the old saying goes.

Staff training is also very highly regarded at Hopewiser. Regular sessions are held to keep our personnel in the loop about our new or enhanced products, and we also outsource training where necessary. Towards the end of 2018, as the company was planning its strategic business objectives for the new year, General Manager, Jon, was eager to bring the sales and marketing teams closer together to ensure a prosperous 2019. This is extremely important in any business, as sales and marketing rely on one another to succeed. Enter Karl Morris.

Karl, the founder and managing partner of KRL Consulting, has a strong and successful background in business consultancy, providing extensive training, coaching, and mentoring across a diverse number of sectors and markets on both an international and local platform. The company has prided itself for the past 15 years in making a positive and lasting change to businesses and individuals, by striving to fully understand their various needs and viewing every project in a customer centric way in order to find and tailor the best solution to ensure future success.

As a local man in the Cheshire area, we subsequently called upon Karl’s services to deliver his “Successful Selling” module to our marketing and sales departments, the aim of which was for the latter team especially to reinforce and adopt new skills when it came to securing new business. The training course is divided up into a number of different sessions spread out over the course of the year, and so far the delegates have found the course very interesting, helpful, and inspiring.

What’s more is that Hopewiser and KRL Consulting are now joining forces, sparking a new association that will be mutually beneficial for both parties. Karl will be joining us at Hopewiser HQ once a week to work alongside the sales department to coach them further and help succeed with their goals.

Robbie, one of Hopewiser’s Sales Executives, is very excited about the opportunity to work with Karl on a regular basis:

The training we have already received from Karl has been invaluable, especially for us graduates. He has given all of us in sales a lot to think about and work on, and I know I have personally begun to see the benefits already. Having Karl come on board more regularly to give us some structured feedback will be a big help, and I’m looking forward to seeing how our work together develops over the coming months.

Hopewiser is extremely pleased at this new partnership, which began as two business just helping each other out. We are excited about the opportunities that will arise out of this association, and are looking towards the future with confidence.

, updated 12th July 2019.