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Download all our FREE guides as a bundle

Guides | 5 min read

Download all our FREE guides as a bundle

Do you have a clear view of your customer data? Or is it confusing, complicated and clouded by a multitude of issues?

We have produced a library of concise FREE guides to help you understand some of the critical issues concerning address data quality:

  • ‘Dirty Data’ covers some of the common data problems and provides suggestions to help you improve your data quality.
  • ‘Single Source Of Truth’ provides useful information about some of the best practice approaches to data management.
  • ‘Data Cleansing Resources’ includes details of the major data source files that you should be using.
  • ‘Address Lookup for Microsoft Dynamics’ looks into the issues around address lookup integrations.
  • The Importance of Data Accuracy discusses the issues, cost implications and solutions when your customer data is captured inaccurately and/or degrades naturally over time.

All these guides are available FREE as a single download. Just complete the registration form and receive them immediately via email.

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, updated 14th February 2023.