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Data Accuracy Importance

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The Importance of Data Accuracy

The salad compartment in your fridge…. is it a bountiful store of fresh, wholesome produce bursting with ripeness and nutrition? Crisp lettuce and succulent tomatoes bejewelled with the glistening dew of garden freshness?

Or is there an outside chance that something has ever-so-slightly passed its best? How about that forgotten piece of cucumber underneath? Thought so. Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone. The amount of out-of-date fresh food that we throw away in the UK is astounding.

More worrying is the amount of out-of-date personal data that is sitting in the collective databases of UK organisations.
Personal data degrades faster than you think. Old data is bad data – it causes problems and incurs cost.

This FREE guide discusses the pitfalls some organisations have come across and gives real examples of where inaccurate data has had a detrimental effect.

You will gain practical advice on how you can eradicate bad data and the guide explains the logical, sensible way to approach the data cleaning process, which minimises your cost.

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, updated 14th February 2023.