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Find Your Nearest Sport Campaign

Boost participation and support your members in this brand new initiative

With the 2024 Olympics almost here, I am sure you have been working on making the most of the Games to encourage and motivate participation in sport.

We are a highly motivated, sport focussed company who have a legacy of encouraging grass root sports in our local area. Since 1982, we have supported many local schools and sporting events, including our current sponsorship of the Widnes Vikings rugby team.

Our employees are highly involved in physical activity in their everyday lives from coaching to participating. In fact our Marketing Manager’s friend had this to say…

“Grass roots clubs are critical for recruiting and identifying talented young athletes into the sport. We need to give everyone the opportunity to shine and begin their journey into the high performance pathways system”.

Paula Dunn, Head Coach of UK Athletics

Some of the Organisations we have worked with

So How Can We Encourage Participation In Sport?

We are keen to help build a community culture that values physical activity and we want to help fuel motivation to participate. Information is key and finding out what is available in your local area is where we can help.

We are offering your federation an opportunity to have your member’s details included in our ‘Find Your Nearest‘ application. This is a software solutions that can be used to find local sports clubs in any UK location.

No money will be made through this app, it will be free for all to access online. The app will be included in marketing campaigns to drive traffic and encourage readers to look for a club and ultimately join in.

How Can I Be Included?

Simple – just say the word and we will do the rest. You will be in control and have full approval before any member club’s details go live.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Federations to encourage people to support their local clubs. The app will be marketed to many thousands over the summer months.

But that’s not all… we can link back to your Federation’s website in various online marketing initiatives, ensuring that you get exposure for your members and those all important website hits.

What’s The Catch?

There isn’t one. This is a free opportunity for you to publish your member’s listing and gain free publicity.

What To Do Next?

Email us at

Call us on 0161 924 2800

Contact us via our website

Don’t miss out on a great chance for your Federation to be seen by Sports fans and an opportunity to help create a lasting legacy for the Olympics 2024. We look forward to hearing from you!