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Email Validation for the Automotive and Transport Industry

Deliver communications efficiently, save valuable resources and optimise your contact database


Having worked with a number of Automotive and Transport businesses we understand your challenges your organisations face, your goals and the requirements of your consumers.

Our solutions provide data accuracy and added security, and we help a range of organisations such as taxi firms, car hire/rental, public transport, airlines, couriers and more.

Hopewiser’s Email Address Validation is available as a point of contact service through our portal page to validate emails one by one, or as a bulk service to deal with larger quantities of data.

Unlock a number of benefits such as, improved engagement with customers, enhanced targeting and accurate insights from marketing campaigns.

The Automotive and Transport industry is a dynamic, and ever-changing sector with many social and political factors that effect decision making.

For example, the rising cost of living has impacted consumer behaviours and buying habits. Consumers who are planning to buy a car are decreasing, putting more stress on transport services like trains and buses.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has disrupted supply chains and prices of key materials and fuel, causing uncertainty for consumers. This has lead to a rise in demand for electric vehicles.

COVID-19 has caused lifestyle changes resulting in 1 in 4 UK workers now following a hybrid work week, reducing commuting.

Benefits of Email Address Validation


Improve Relationships

Reducing failed deliveries and sending targeted communications will improve the relationship between yourself and your consumers, leading to enhanced loyalty.

Efficient Reporting

Optimise Marketing

Enhanced data management allows you to produce more effective marketing campaigns. Open rates and click throughs will increase when your database contains valid email addresses, improving your domain reputation.

Increased Sales Conversion

Save Resources

Valuable resources such as time and money are saved by validating email addresses. Email Validation helps to maintain a positive sender reputation and avoid contacting invalid emails which lead to spam complaints and blacklisting.

Reduces Cart Abandonment

Improve User Experience

With real-time email validation capabilities, consumers will experience a smoother process when entering their address details, this also leads to a greater business reputation and customer retention.


Deliver Communications Efficiently

Updating your contact database enables you to send communications to your customers efficiently. Incorrect, harmful or invalid addresses will be flagged allowing you to increase the success of deliveries.

Some Of The Clients We Have Worked With


Hopewiser’s point of contact Email Validation checks emails in your database and reports back their validity instantly, this is useful for businesses who offer loyalty and rewards programmes, such as providing air miles to frequent flyers.

Email Address Validation checks all aspects of the email such as syntax, domain and mailbox. This benefits transport organisations who will be more efficient with their communication such as conducting reviews with customers, and in their marketing efforts.

Used by a number of car dealerships who hold large quantities of data, our bureau Email Validation service checks data in bulk and highlights contacts that are inactive and contacts that are reachable.

It is important to have clean customer data to improve communication streams with customers. Doing so will allow you to gain valuable insights from client polls or reviews.

Features of Email Address Validation


Check the validity of your email contacts and maintain GDPR compliance

Enhanced Data

Seamless integration into your own applications and platforms


Easy to startup and run, requiring little technical knowledge to operate


Available as a point of contact service on our portal page, or bureau service for data in bulk

Discover Which Other Solutions Can Help You

Data is the most powerful tool a business holds, but it can also be the most harmful, if not maintained. Storing outdated data breaches privacy laws and wastes time and money. Hopewiser’s Data Cleansing service uses the most accurate sources of information to ensure data hygiene and when implemented helps to predict purchasing behaviours of consumers and identify trends in the market.

If you are thinking of moving from a legacy system to a newer one, Data Cleansing is ideal to give your new system a boost, since the better the data, the better your systems work.

Through our expert knowledge and up-to-date sources of information, our tools optimise data by highlighting discrepancies such as movers and deceased persons.