To use the service you will require an Address Lookup account. Register on-line now and receive 10 free clicks or alternatively contact us. For the best user experience, allowing JavaScript is recommended when using Your Account.

1. Account Configuration

On initial registration, you will get a single user and a test plan providing 10 free clicks against the UK Postal Address File.


2. User

Each user within an account has access to the Hopewiser web services. A user could be an individual employee or assigned per software application, department, etc. Multiple concurrent requests can be performed by a single user and you can create as many users as you like.

Users may be configured with a default Master Address File (MAF) reference. This identifies the plan to be used when performing address capture/verification requests that do not contain a MAF reference. If the user requires access to a plan other than their default, then the appropriate MAF reference must be supplied within the request.

A default reference cannot be configured for the Bankcoder service. The appropriate Bankcoder reference must be supplied within each account verification request.

Two user administration levels are available; Service User and Company Admin.

  • Service Users have access to address capture and bank account verification requests. They do not have permission to access Your Account, but will receive warning emails when a plan is about to expire (if configured with an email address).
  • Company Admin users have access to address capture and bank account verification requests, plus full access to Your Account. They can create new users, purchase plans and view on-line usage statistics. They will receive both warning and monthly usage emails (if configured with an email address).

3. Purchasing Plans

Plans may be purchased either on-line, via the Shop or by contacting Hopewiser.

In the on-line shop you will see a list of available datasets.

Depending on the chosen dataset one or more cost plans will be shown. Each plan relates to a licence agreement with the data provider. For the required plan (or plans), please select the desired click quantity, then click Add to Basket.

Your basket will show all requested plans and cost (excluding VAT). If you require another plan then select Continue Shopping. To proceed select Check Out. This will show invoicing details and guide you through the payment, via WorldPay.

See your purchased plans via the View Purchase History button from Your Account. Please note that on-line invoice information is only available for purchases made through the on-line shop.

4. Usage

Detailed usage statistics are collated per plan and user. These can be seen via the View Usage button from Your Account.

On initial entry your total monthly usage will be displayed. The Plan Usage tab shows the monthly usage per plan and the User Usage tab shows the monthly usage for each service per user.

The Change Displayed Information form at the bottom of the page allows you to:

  • Adjust the level of information to be displayed, either Overview or Detailed
  • Switch between monthly and daily click counts
  • Specify your required date range - please note that daily usage information is only available for the past 12 months

The detailed information level will present a breakdown of clicks per username and plan reference on the Plan Usage tab and a breakdown of clicks per service, plan and plan reference on the User Usage tab.

In addition to the on-line statistics, a usage statement will be emailed to all Company Administrators on the 1st of each month.

Warning Emails

Warning emails are sent to each user when the final purchase for a specific plan crosses one of the following thresholds.

  • 90% usage of the click limit
  • 95% usage of the click limit
  • 14 days remaining to the expiry date
  • 7 days remaining to the expiry date

5. Data Sets

The following datasets are available as standard by AddressServer in the Cloud:

Country Data Main Vendor Links
UK UK Postal Address File Royal Mail Additional Terms
UK UK Postal Address File + National Statistics Postcode Directory data (containing grid reference and more) Royal Mail Additional Terms
AUS Australian Postal Address File Australia Post  
NZ New Zealand Postal Address File New Zealand Post  

We also host a number of European datasets as well as North American Zip+4 data and can make arrangements for most address datasets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

6. Cost Centres

The default account configuration is to allow each user access to all purchased plans. If you need to restrict plan access to a particular group of users so that you can account for that group separately, then your account can be divided into cost centres.

Account Hierarchy

A user in one cost centre cannot access a plan within another cost centre. They can be used to represent parts of your organisation allowing costs to be partitioned across those areas. You can create as many cost centres as you like.

Dividing your account into cost centres introduces a third user administration level: Cost Centre Admin.

  • Cost Centre Admin users have access to perform address capture and bank account verification requests, plus limited access to Your Account. They can create new users, purchase plans and view on-line usage statistics, but only within their own cost centre. They will receive both warning and monthly usage emails for their cost centre (if configured with an email address).

Please note that once you start using cost centres you cannot revert back to the default configuration.


To use cost centres select Edit Account Details from Your Account, then select the Cost Centres tab and click the Use Cost Centres button. This will prompt you to enter the name for the first cost centre, which will contain all your current users and plans. You can then choose to rename and create addition cost centres to meet your needs.

When your account has been configured with Cost Centres you will be required to specify the appropriate Cost Centre when creating new users or purchasing plans.

Users can be moved between cost centres via the Edit User page.

Purchased plans cannot be moved between Cost Centres.

Failover/Resilience Information

Hopewiser operate servers on multiple independent sites to maximise the resilience of the service we provide.

We also operate a cloud load-balanced endpoint which uses IP anycast to provide a high level of protection with a minimum of customer configuration.

To ensure you qualify for protection under our SLA you must call the host:

  • cloud.hopewiser.com

Alternatively, you can also qualify by providing your own failover mechanism (be it in your calling code or a software or hardware proxy or load balancer) to one of the acceptable combinations of hosts from the list below:

  • cloud.hopewiser.com + soap3.hopewiser.com + soap4.hopewiser.com
  • soap3.hopewiser.com + soap4.hopewiser.com

No other combinations qualify. If you choose to perform your own failover it is your responsibility to keep current with the list and ensure the correct functioning of your failover mechanism.

If you employ load-balancers you should use sticky sessions and strongly prefer using soap3 to soap4 as the latter has higher latency.

The client-side code for the Atlas drop-in will failover automatically and perform recovery actions as necessary when given multiple URLs separated by commas.

Network Access Information

You must ensure your firewalls and proxies will allow through any requests.

We use HTTP and HTTPS on ports 80 and 443 for the Hopewiser services. GET, POST and PUT requests should all be permitted by any proxies.

The IP address of cloud.hopewiser.com is

Access to individual servers requires permitting the following IP addresses:


The base URLs for the SOAP Address service are:

  • http://cloud.hopewiser.com/soapaddrsvr
  • http://soap3.hopewiser.com/soapaddrsvr
  • http://soap4.hopewiser.com/soapaddrsvr

The base URLs for the Atlas drop-in service (both API and desktop products) are:

  • http://cloud.hopewiser.com/addrsvr
  • http://soap3.hopewiser.com/addrsvr
  • http://soap4.hopewiser.com/addrsvr

The base URLs for the legacy SOAP service are:

  • http://cloud.hopewiser.com/soapatlas
  • http://soap3.hopewiser.com/soapatlas
  • http://soap4.hopewiser.com/soapatlas

The base URLs for the SOAP Bankcoder service are:

  • http://cloud.hopewiser.com/soapbankcoder
  • http://soap3.hopewiser.com/soapbankcoder
  • http://soap4.hopewiser.com/soapbankcoder

See also the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.