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Payment Validation


Hopewiser’s Payment Validation software enables the user to check the validity of an account number by reference to the Extended Industry Sort Code Database (EISCD). The EISCD contains payments-related information for every UK bank and building society that participates in UK clearing systems.

Inaccurate capture of a bank account sort code or account number can lead to issues with fraud, late payments and lost customers. With Hopewiser’s solution, users have the ability to check the validity of bank account numbers in conjunction with the Banks’ sort codes.


There is more than one scenario that an account number (with sort code) will be deemed valid by the Sort Codes system. The system will return an overall validity status of yes or no, along with the production of a status code that will explain how the decision was reached. The validity of the account number is not proof that it exists, only that it passes the criteria specified for the sort code, and in the cases where the sort code is not found (i.e. one not covered by the software), the account is assumed to be valid.

Hopewiser will only support the Modulus Check processes defined within the Vocalink Modulus Checking specification. Any organisations not covered by the Vocalink specification may be added if the Modulus Check is the same as those methods laid down within the Vocalink specification.


  • Save Time & Money – ensuring quick and accurate capture of payment details first time avoids unnecessary re-processing costs.
  • Reduce Fraud Risk – ensuring the data is captured correctly you can avoid erroneous payments or services not being paid for.
  • Improve Brand Reputation and Customer Experience – nothing is more annoying than errors that cost money, addressing such issues is costly in terms of time and effort. By ensuring the data is captured correctly you minimise the risk to your reputation and brand and maximise the customer’s experience.
  • Improve Accuracy of Employee Records – accurate employee records have always been important. Payment Validation can save you time and means you will receive fewer queries from your employees.
  • Refined Processes – BankCoder does not give a simple “yes or no” it indicates the confidence in the payment details; knowing this means you can predict where payment issues may arise and optimise your processes accordingly.

Technical Specification

Payment Validation is supported on Windows and UNIX.

Development options include:
32-bit DLL
COM Server
Samples – C
UNIX Standard
Static Libraries
C Sample Code
Any modern UNIX supported (on site compilation may be

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