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AtlasPreSort Mail



  • Hopewiser has experience of writing mail sortation software since 1992 and provides Australia Post AMAS accredited software.
  • Our AtlasPreSort software is designed to cater for all current Barcode Sort Plans, giving bulk mailers access to sorted and prepared forms as well as the discounts, even integrating with th VISA TLMS software for those producing their own Tray Labels.
  • With AtlasPreSort you can use any of the following; Australia Post, PreSort Letter plans including Promo Post and Charity Mail.


  • Generate Manifest, Costings Estimates and Lodgement Documents
  • Use output from Atlas products to generate properly sequenced data files
  • Interface with VISA TLMS program from Australia Post
  • Run settings can be saved to a set-up file and those settings can be loaded again
  • The latest Australia Post rate cards are used and plans are updated twice a year


  • Save significant amounts of money on your bulk mailings with maximum discounts
  • Simple to use interface allows quick set up
  • Save time with successful, easy mailing label printing
  • Improve reporting with full reports to Australia Post standards
  • Saves time with saved sequence settings when you want to run a job again. Jobs can be run automatically from the command line or from a batch file