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  • AtlasDedupe is a sophisticated tool for intelligently identifying and eliminating unwanted duplicates at both individual and property level. Whether it is consumer or business data, UK or International, duplication of information is a common issue for anyone maintaining data sources.
  • Duplication can cause a number of problems such as wasted resources on mailshots and administration, portraying a poor corporate image to your customers, preventing you having a clear picture of your data and falsely inflated mailing costs.


  • AtlasDedupe categorises duplicates by Passes and Scoring. Each ‘Pass’ of the data places weighting on different elements of the input information. Percentage scoring can also be utilised.
  • Standard passes support deduplication at individual, address, and company level.
  • Advanced passes support deduplication based on additional user-defined criteria (e.g. date of birth, customerID).
  • Duplicate records can be deleted automatically or verified interactively, merged, purged, output to separate databases for update or archiving.
  • Alternatively make use of the resultant report to make amendments within your live systems.
  • Ability to deduplicate based on a combination of full address, postcode, premise, company information, full name, surname, gender and initials.
  • Supports the deduplication of up to 26 databases against one another in a single processing run.
  • Allows effective data integration into a single file. The file can then be streamlined by removing duplicates that may have originated from different sources.
  • Purges duplicate entries from the resulting file.
  • Uses name and address keys to provide a comprehensive yet simple parameter-driven deduplication process.
  • Creates a master deduplicated output file.
  • Merge records based on user-defined criteria.
  • Filter records based on source and status.
  • Report generation from each pass of data and lists all identified duplicate records.
  • Interactive State Editor, enabling the interrogation and status amendment of records within each duplicate block.
  • Can deduplicate the data, without having to convert into a text file.
  • AtlasDedupe handles most industry standard database formats using ODBC.


  • Reduces mailing costs and improves customer relations.
  • Maintains a good corporate image.
  • Empowers the user to undertake complex data processes that can bring real benefits to the business.
  • The flexible merging facility means no valuable customer data has to be sacrificed following the removal of a duplicate, enabling the creation of a single customer view.


Single Source of Truth

Single Source of TruthSingle Source of Truth approach to data management can deliver a consistent and non-redundant view of your customers –  you will have just one, unique record for each customer that can be accessed across your entire organisation.

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