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AtlasConvert is a tool for the safe conversion of one database type to another standardised format.

This helps identify incorrect/problem records within a database prior to matching and deduplication.


  • Checks file errors (e.g. removes unwanted punctuation in fields).
  • Undertakes checks for record, field and delimiter errors when converting, ensuring data structural integrity.
  • Corrections can be made in Batch and/or Interactive mode.
  • Allows multiple database processing, enabling the consolidation of several databases into one centralised and consistent file.
  • Produces reports detailing problems encountered, evaluation of the process run and actions taken.
  • Produces detailed reports on changes made. Handles most standard industry database formats (ODBC).


  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of business functions by ensuring all database records have the same format.
  • Reduces the costs of ageing and out-of-date software by safely converting data to a useable format.
  • Enables companies to migrate data for new systems.


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