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  • AtlasAddressBase is a quick and easy to use reference data build application using Ordnance Survey AddressBasePremium or AddressBasePlus.
  • Used to import data, highlight potential problems and export address data plus additional information, either for use with the Hopewiser Atlas matching tools or to a simple delimited text file.
  • AtlasAddressBase comes with further tools, allowing the user to create tailored Town and Locality files and Alternate Street definitions.
  • Includes radius searching, and AutoComplete (‘as you type’) address capture.
  • The build can be set to use either Public Sector, or Royal Mail PAF data, or both sources combined.
  • Find out more about Ordnance Survey data & how it could work for you by clicking here.


  • Allows users to either import a single AtlasAddressBase file, multiple file sets, or merge file sets from other sources.
  • In addition Change Only Update file sets can be imported to modify existing data previously loaded, saving processing time.
  • During the import procedure, the integrity of the data is checked using National Land and Property Gazetteer validation rules and additional Hopewiser validation rules based upon issues previously identified within AddressBase imports.
  • A log file is created specifying import problems to help identify and correct any issues.


  • The imported data can be exported to a text file, containing address records, or to a Master Address File (MAF).
  • Setup options allow the specification of extra data to be output alongside each address and allow indices, based on non-addressable data items, to be included in the MAF.
  • The options can also be used to configure which address types to export. For instance, only Approved data could be kept in one MAF, whilst another MAF could be created to contain all Historical and Rejected data. Alternatively, Public Sector sourced reference data versus Royal Mail PAF.
  • Other options prevent the export of Street Records, or only allow Postally Addressable records to be exported.
  • The MAF files are used within the Hopewiser Atlas products and can be made to include radius searching, and AutoComplete address search functionality.
  • Any issues will be highlighted within an export log. These could be due to either data structure problems or conflicts with the location information.

Town and Locality Edit

  • Allows users to edit a predefined set of Towns, Localities, Outcodes and Misspellings, or create a new set, based on data imported by AtlasAddressBase.
  • This can highlight potential issues within the data and allow the user to add known problems and common misspellings so that future matching rates increase and problems are reduced.

Alternate Street Edit

  • Allows users to create and maintain a set of Alternate Street definitions from the data imported by AtlasAddressBase.
  • It can highlight potential issues within the data, and allows the user to add Alternate Street names for known problems, increasing future matching rates and allowing the Atlas matching / validation products to “learn”.
  • The initial import process will create Alternate Street names where Street Descriptions exist in different languages (eg, Welsh).
  • As AtlasAddressBase modifies Streets through Change Only Update files, a function is provided to check for updates and automatically amend the Alternate Street definitions.