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Mortgage Lender Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

Mortgage Lender Case Study

The Situation

A specialist mortgage lender who provides mortgages with flexible lending criteria was looking for a postcode and address validation tool for their mortgage clients.

The lender serves the needs of customers that the high street turns away, and targets prime mortgage borrowers in growing market segments – people like the self-employed builder or kitchen table entrepreneur, the over 55s, contract workers, multiple income applicants or those who have a small blip on their credit file.

They rely on data combined with their expertise to assess each individual. Using this approach they are more comfortable lending to a broader range of people than some other lenders.

The mortgage lender uses a cloud based banking platform called Sopra for all their processing needs, therefore the solution needed to be integrated into their existing systems and onto their website.

The Solution

The proposed solution was Hopewiser’s Address Lookup, which is a cloud-based address capture and verification tool. It operates on a per click basis, ensuring a consistent method of capturing accurate address data by the Mortgage Agents taking details over the phone, or on the their website for client enquiries. It also incorporates the flexibility to function with additional sector-specific address datasets such as longitude and latitude, so that the lender can maximise the data across all customer touchpoints.

With daily Royal Mail PAF updates and a powerful online management tool, the organisation could be confident in the accuracy of the address lookup and manage the usage by department, all in one place.

Their choice of Hopewiser was also based on the support offered and in-house expertise of the Sopra integration. Hopewiser was able to guide them through the installation process and assist with any additional data or information required.

Plus, Hopewiser offered flexibilty in click bundle size and call-off, and system reliability with a service level agreement of 99.99% uptime.

The Result

Enhanced Customer Service

Accurate address data input means the Mortgage Lender has improved its customer service during queries. This has had a positive impact on customer relations.

Address Lookup built into the Sopra Banking Platform has also improved business decisions based on up-to-date accurate address data.

“We successfully tested and installed Hopewiser into our environment. The technical team at Hopewiser were excellent in providing the support we needed to choose the right solution for us and to make it work. Hopewiser has proved to be a cost effective solution from a supplier that is customer focussed.”