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Healthcare Case Study

Case Study | 3 min read

Healthcare Case Study

The global data sphere is constantly growing and it’s ever-growing value to worldwide organisations is increasing with it. So much data has been collected by healthcare groups in 2020; something that will continue for years to come. Therefore, it is crucial your company is able to capture and maintain accurate data for effective communication and analysis.

A leading International Healthcare Group who provide a broad range of healthcare services, support and advice were looking to consolidate their disparate data sources into a single view to help with marketing campaigns and business analysis.

They run care homes, health centres, dental centres and hospitals, offer personal and company health insurance and provide workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management services including health coaching.


This broad range of products and services meant several separate databases existed for example, personal subscribers, corporate subscribers, those who had ceased being on the last two databases, prospects who had enquired but not subscribed (both individual and corporate) and some others.

The Group suspected that some subscribers appeared on more than one database and they needed to ascertain which was the more current subscription.

The purpose of the exercise was to clean up the data so the databases could be merged and former subscribers could be contacted for marketing purposes (both individual and corporate) and information pertinent to the organisation (how long subscribers stayed, if they changed their policies, etc.) could be more easily obtained. The company also wanted to understand how their charging policies were working and to make it easier to contact their subscribers.

The Solution

The Group opted for Hopewiser’s Bureau Service.  This is a bespoke service used to improve and enhance data to get maximum return on investment without the expense of new software and staff training.  Hopewiser worked as a consultant with the Healthcare Group to tailor the data merge, deduplicate and cleanse the data to the Group’s specification.  This process is ideal for large quantities of data and database conversion.

This sort of Bureau Service can be carried out for many organisations especially those of long standing who may have databases which they still run, but where the contacts are out of date.

The Result

The process cleaned up and streamlined their database to give a more accurate picture of their actual customer base and also gave them a clearer picture of customer engagement with company products.

Using this refined data meant the Group were able to avoid damaging their reputation and upsetting customers with incorrectly addressed mail. The cleansed data also enabled more targeted marketing campaigns and an increase in return on investment.

Having accurate data also meant they could gain maximum discounts with the Royal Mail Bulk mailing, thereby saving costs on their mailings.

“We strive to give the very best service in all aspects of Healthcare. This means our mailings should also be of the highest accuracy. We achieved this accuracy with Hopewiser’s help and found the working relationship beneficial”.

, updated 12th April 2023.